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AOL Health Expert - XMRV Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by bullybeef, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. bullybeef

    bullybeef Senior Member

    North West, England, UK
  2. Otis

    Otis SeƱor Mumbler

    This is shameless self-promomotion. As I recall, Dr. Holtorf was the medical director of a chain of clinics in the US called the Fibro and Fatigue Centers. Dr. Teitelbaum replaced him in that position but I'm sure Holtorf has kept a financial interest. You'll find some posts on them here on the site. From what I've read some individual Drs. have helped people but that overall most people only lost their money and not their symptoms. Apparently they are now trying to sign people of to expensive contracts - yes contracts - to ensure their continued payments, I mean treatments. Any Dr. with these results would have a longer waiting list than Cheney, Peterson, etc. and wouldn't seen to resort to contracts, I would think.
  3. Recovery Soon

    Recovery Soon Senior Member

    Good observation. I went there- spent thousands- no improvement.

    The Physician who was treating me there ultimately left the practice and confided in me that he "couldn't emotionally handle watching people not get better."

    During this time I confronted Teitelbaum at a speaking engagement about his recovery rates and was told by him in front of other people that I was "very driven" and that I should "go home and examine the issues in my life." In other words, CFS was my fault.

    Just to offer a perspective, I had been very courteous, but was persistent in demanding more specific answers to questions.

    I have to admit- I like his vitamin powder- but overall, I think he is a fraud- and exploits CFS for every penny he can.
  4. CBS

    CBS Senior Member

    At least there's chart to help clarify things!
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Dr. Teitelbaum

    Hi Recovery Soon,

    Thank you for sharing your above experience with Dr. T. I've been dismayed for quite some time about some of his comments. I've been particularly concerned about how he negligently fails to clearly communicate the difference between somebody with chronic fatigue and someone with ME/CFS.

    But I've always been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume he understands us better than he's able to effectively communicate. And also that he has a genuine sense of caring for us. But your above experience is now telling me differently. It now seems to me he clearly DOES NOT GET IT! :( I think it says volumes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best, Wayne

    P.S. Sorry you had to listen to Dr. T's "advice". Probably wasn't an easy experience for you.

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