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Anyone going to BACME (UK 11 & 12 Mar 2015) - Trudie Chalder giving a talk

Discussion in 'Upcoming ME/CFS Events' started by eafw, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. eafw

    eafw Senior Member

    BACME is the organisation that exists to make sure that GET/CBT and the somatisation model are the treatment regimes used by health "professionals" working in the UK.

    Membership of the British Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (BACME) is open to all UK-based healthcare professionals and researchers involved in the diagnosis and/or treatment of CFS/ME using evidence-based practice.

    They are quite clear about their allegience to PACE

    The PACE Trial represents the highest grade of clinical evidence – a large randomized clinical trial, carefully designed, rigorously conducted and scrupulously analysed and reported. It provides convincing evidence that GET and CBT are safe and effective therapies and should be widely available for patients with CFS/ME as per the NICE guidelines (

    That PACE has been completely discredited, and that there are actual clinical facts about our illness don't seem to be a consideration for these people. The weasel words "evidence-based practice" in association with PACE is always a red flag.

    No suprise that Trudie Chalder is on the programme (provisionally)

    The conference itself is open to all, not just members, so was wondering is anyone going ?

    It is always useful to know what these jokers are saying about us, and whether any of those supposedly charged with our care have any sort of sense or ethics and are willing to speak out for us.

    @charles shepherd - do you know if any of the ME charities send "spies" as it were ?
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  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Looks like an exciting learning opportunity.

    Professor George Lewith: ‘Using Complimentary Medicine with CFS/ME’

    It's evidence-based because we use unblinded trials!

    Professor Rona Moss-Morris Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine: Executive control and Attentional bias in CFS/ME: Evidence of a sub-group


    Professor Trudie Chalder, Dept. of Psychological Medicine. King's College London : Mediators of treatment outcome in the PACE trial of rehabilitative therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome/ME

    I probably don't need to say anything about that.


    Skills based workshops

    Any evidence they have skills of value to pass on?

    Working with severely affected patients

    No evidence of effective interventions... don't let that stop you earning money from them.

    Compassion Focussed Therapy

    Make sure that you compassionately dismiss requests for reliable data as militant anti-psychiatry. We can train you to be this caring!

    Young People Workshop

    Most seem to get better anyway - how to take credit for it.

    GET: A masterclass

    From the masters behind the remarkable results from PACE!

    BMI and CFS/ME: How to manage both ends of the spectrum

    [This is new to me tbh]

    Employment Advice; When and how?

    PACE showed no improvement in employments outcomes, and we'll show you how to achieve the same!
  3. worldbackwards

    worldbackwards Senior Member

    Presumably, given that there's nothing wrong with us, eat more and eat less.

    That'll be a short one.

    Oxymoron alert. Or perhaps without the oxy.
  4. eafw

    eafw Senior Member

    That workshop was the only one that looked as if it could have some sort of use. I know at the more severe end a lot of people struggle with muscle wasting and malnourishment, so it would be helpful if this was recognised and addressed.

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