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Anyone else here waiting for test results?

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by Levi, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Alice Band

    Alice Band PWME - ME by Ramsay

    The problem is Myco, that many of us have been spending our money on coconut oil, Laurinciden etc and have been for decades.
  2. geo

    geo Guest

    Will Medicare cover tests?

    If Medicare pays anything toward this test, I doubt that it will pay the entire cost of the test. I've contacted VIP DX on this issue, but their answer is not clear at all to me. As I understand, if a lab or doctor is a Medicare participating provider, they have to accept Medicare's assignment, or in some states are allowed to charge 15% over the assignment amount. VIP DX says that they have a Medicare provider number, but they are not a "preferred" provider. I don't know what that means. They say that they are a fee-for-service provider. As a courtesy they will bill Medicare and secondary insurance, but cannot guarantee that Medicare will pay anything, and that the patient is responsible for any and all portions not paid by Medicare.

    I don't understand how VIP Dx can have a Medicare provider number, and not abide by Medicare's rules of assignment or the 15% over assignment, if allowed.

    So I think if you decide to take this test, that you better be prepared to pay the full bill. I'm in the same boat, i.e. I have Medicare and can't afford the tests if VIP Dx will not accept Medicare assignment.

    I think it's unconscionable for labs that specialize in ME/CFS tests and doctors who specialize in ME/CFS research who will not accept Medicare assignment. They are basically turning their backs on the most severely disabled ME/CFS patients who are on Medicare and struggling to survive on near poverty level social security disability benefits.
  3. fairlight


    Hi Wildaisy-

    I called Medicare yesterday and the CPT code 87798 if for infectious agent detection by nucleoic acid. I was told by the Medicare rep that this code is usually paid for if the right diagnostic code is given. I wonder if VIP can give us the right diagnostic code? I'm still trying to decipher what code my doc wrote. I may have to pull out a magnifying glass.

    I agree I wnt to do it correctl so that Medicare pays for the testing. No reason to submit incorrectly and then have to pay for it ourselves! I'll call VIP Monday morning or e-mail them this weekend. I'll post whatever info I find.

    Bes wishes!
  4. hvs

    hvs Senior Member

    They are currently taking 6 weeks.
  5. Are we allowed a poll on the co-diagnostics PCR DNA XMRV test please?

    There's two people on here that I know of that are waiting for their result, and presumably more.

    Thank you. :eek:
  6. Rrrr

    Rrrr Senior Member

    medicare CPT (procedure) code and Dx (diagnostic) code

    i posted this a while back on another thread. here it is again, tho i see others have already shared this info on this tread...


    The CPT code (procedure code) is 87798.
    The Dx (diagnostic ICD 9) code comes from your physician.

    this info is from
    Marguerite Ross, Director
    Marketing & Client Relations
    VIP Dx / RedLabs
    5625 Fox Ave - Rm 369
    Reno, NV 89506
    Fax: 775-682-8517
    Cell: 775-813-3319
  7. fairlight


    Rrrrr-thanks for re-posting this info...

    although my question has still not been answered. I also posted the CPT code and posted the explanation from Medicare what that code referred to. My question is about the correct diagnosis code, which I know comes from the doctor.

    Medicare will only pay for the test if the diagnosis code matches what they consider to be the correct codes. My question is does anyone know what Medicare considers to be the proper diagnosis code, or codes? I assume that there are more than one acceptable code. Most doctors have not ordered the xmrv test in the past so if anyone knows I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!

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