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anxiety/depression alleviated by gluten/casein free diet.

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by currer, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. currer

    currer Senior Member

    My experience with gluten/casein free diet.

    I have decided to delete this post. Moderator can you delete this thread please?
  2. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    Hi there ... Good to hear that you've responded so quickly to the GFCF diet. This really isn't all that uncommon but it means your body really needed this. I stopped feeling jittery within 24 hours and my narcolepsy was gone within 7 - 10 days ... After that it took me a whole year to start walking normally.

    FWIW ... you may notice that you fluctuate between feeling good and feeling crappy. Many of us notice an immediate reaction like your's but go on to find out that we're also deficient in numerous nutrients or have problems with candida, other food intolerances, etc. Hopefully you want notice this but just in case ... now you know ... lol ...

    FWIW . I wound up on the Paleo / low carb / low oxalate diet after a few years of feeling crappy too often. This helped stabilize my blood glucose and eliminated other food intolerances. I still have orthostatic intolerance and PEM but that doesn't mean you will ...

    If needed, an integrative or holistic doc can run tests for you to determine other food intolerances, ALL nutritional deficiencies, candida, etc ... good luck ... tc ... xchocoholic
  3. jenbooks

    jenbooks Guest

    My question is why would *so* many foods be a problem. All wheat (which is an increasing problem) all dairy, also carbs and oxalates? Others have problems with lignans.

    To some extent dairy and wheat are so denatured, and grains have so many mycotoxins, maybe that is some of the cause. On the other hand its likely gut infection, improper flora, starting with being formula fed, then antibiotics, mercury and metal poisoning etc, leading to a completely disarrayed gut immune response, and then being unable to tolerate foods of all kinds.
  4. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences, currer.
    I've been wanting to experiment with diet for ages.
    I know that i have a mild gluten intolerance, which i've had since I was a teenager.
    But i've never tried a dairy-free diet. (I love milk and cheese so much!)

    I also suffer from mood and anxiety/agitation problems, so your experiences with your diet really interested me, currer.

    Last spring, we had a mini-heatwave, and I was eating nothing but salad for about a week or two, just because i was so hot.
    I noticed that while i was on this diet, my levels of agitation noticeably decreased, and I my brain felt 'smoother', or calmer.
    So i'm convinced that I should try out a different diet.

    I want to investigate whether there is such a thing as a anti-inflammatory diet... Does anyone have any info on anything like that at all?
  5. sleepy237

    sleepy237 Senior Member

    Hi Gluten is huge culprit if you have intolerance its a sign to try cutting it out, and its great to hear you have had some improvement. I have been avoiding gluten for maybe a month or a little longer but I did eat it once and I had great abdominal discomfort the next day so I checked the packaging on the "fresh" ready meal and it said gluten wheat soya. So this proved to me that Gluten really was one of the culprits to elimiinate. I think anyone with digestive problems should try eliminating gluten and seeing if they have improvement. If they are unsure then maybe if they ate it one off they would have a bigger reaction like I did. I haven't cut out milk or sugar but I don't use neither to extreme. But I may experiment in the future. I thing the gut is a huge factor in healing and getting on the path to wellness. ~Sleepy
  6. antares4141

    antares4141 Senior Member

    Truth or consequences, nm
    I've had cfs for 14 years and for most this time focused solely on mold ignoring the huge connection to food intolerance. . Upon starting the diet I imediatly had 3 days that seemed almost symptom free but I was getting near the point of bed ridden or slightly better before this.

    I believe with myself anyways I was mistaking gluten intolorance for mold reactivity. But I know I react to mold. This is what it looked like underneath the tile in my kitchen. I was bed riddin until I got out of this environment.

    Where I am going with this is I believe with some people anyways they may have to address both issues. The only way I can recomend finding out is to go camping somewhere and see if the symptoms lift substantially. While doing the gfcf diet.

    Mold is very difficult to test for and can run into thousands of dolloars and not extremely reliable. That's why I recomend the camping thing. If you know anyone with a new well maintained home that is another option. I went on craigs list and found someone willing to rent me a room in a brand new home for 575 a month. At the time I didn't know about the gluten intolorance so I assumed it wasn't working. Weather or not the house was a problem or not I still don't know and can't know without trying it again and dong the diet also.

    I've since moved out to SW NM in the middle of the desert and had this building built so I could be sure there were not water intrusion issues.

    After a couple of months and continued worsning stomach issues and I discovered cieliac is a well documented condition I staqrted the gfcf diet.

    Still not cured, it's very difficult for me to follow I hate cooking and this has made a difficult situation almost impossible for me. I cheated and started eating cheese and seem to have gotten worse. It's so hard to tell. It's going to take me a long time to sort out my food sensitivitys I believe.

    Robert Christ

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