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Anti-HERV antibodies and interferon-beta therapy

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Ecoclimber, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Ecoclimber

    Ecoclimber Senior Member

    Premission to repost by Prof.Gavin Giovannoni

    There are some in the ME/CFS medical field that believe ME/CFS is 'MS Light' or 'Atypical MS'. The reason I post these articles is the fact that research in one area may spill over into another area of research or the fact that researchers reviewing a site may look at the research in another disease category that could be related to theirs and it might raise their interest level.

    You can also search PR for interferon beta to get a view of other threads on the topic as it applies to ME/CFS.

    Prof. G comments:
    Are HERVs active in MSers? Does interferon-beta suppress HERVs?

    "In the HERV (human endogenous retrovirus virus) MS field some groups think HERV-W is the culprit. This study looked at antibody responses to the virus in MSers, The idea being if the virus was active and expressing its outer coat protein, or envelope (env) protein. It looks as if the hypothesis is holding true with higher antibody levels against the virus in MSers compared to controls with a reduction after 66 months interferon-beta therapy. Just may be interferon beta is working by suppressing HERVs? What do you think?"

    Click on thumbnail to observe difference between the beginning and after results

    Mameli et al. Epitopes of HERV-Wenv induce antigen-specific humoral immunity in multiple sclerosis patients. J Neuroimmunol. 2015 Mar 15;280:66-8

    To verify the serological response mounted against antigenic peptides from HERV-Wenv protein, we analyzed 80 multiple sclerosis (MS) serum samples, 27 of which were re-analyzed after a 6-month follow-up IFN-β therapy, and 73 healthy controls. Indirect ELISAs were carried out to detect antibodies specific for all the synthetic peptides derived from HERV-Wenv. Two antigenic peptides, HERV-Wenv93-108 (31.25%, p<0.0001) and HERV-Wenv248-262 (15%, p=0.02), were highly recognized by MS patients' antibodies when compared to healthy subjects. Moreover, antibody titer against these two peptides slightly decreased after six months of IFN-β-based therapy.
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  2. FancyMyBlood

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  3. Ecoclimber

    Ecoclimber Senior Member

    Yea, Huber HERV-K18 didn't pan out for ME/CFS. Still looking at HERV-FC1 ans HERV-MSRV for MS.
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