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Alternative SOS foods

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by rosieness, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. rosieness


    Thought I'd share a few potato/root veg substitutes that are from Asia, Africa and the Carribean, in case they might help anyone who like me can't tolerate many foods or grains. A friend helped me find them when I was really struggling and losing weight badly, I'd never eaten anything from the same food family as any of them before so tolerated them fine.

    Here they are:

    Edoes This is a great all rounder. Peel, cut into large cubes, par boil for 1 mins and freeze. Defrost and add to casseroles or soups. Also tasty roasted, chipped or mashed.

    Yam Peel, cut into large cubes, par boil for 1 mins and freeze. Another great all rounder. Use as above.

    Coe Coe Yam Peel, cut into large cubes, par boil for 8 mins and freeze. Defrost, dice this small and add to casseroles and soups.

    Arvi Peel, leave whole, par boil for 8 mins and freeze. Defrost, cut into small cubes for roasting, or slice and fry. (Arvi are sometimes called Arbi).

    I manage to get hold of most of these online, but in a large city with a multicultural community at least some of them should be easy enough to find. They can all be used fresh but I usually buy them in bulk and get then prepared for freezing, then defrost what I need each time.

    Warning: They're life savers but not anything like as cheap as good old potatoes or a nice crusty loaf of bread!
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  2. Timaca

    Timaca Senior Member

    Hmmmmm.......The only one I've heard of is yam. I tend to use sweet potatoes (sometimes called yams in the grocery store) as my main source of calories. I can also eat rice. So far, other grains haven't worked for me, but I keep trying! :) I cook my sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot. Ditto for the rice.

    Thanks for posting your suggestions! I am one of those that fall into the multiple food intolerance category!

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  3. sarah darwins

    sarah darwins I told you I was ill

    Cornwall, UK
    Nice post, rosieness. I'm gluten-free and always looking for convenient fill-up foods.

    I'll throw plantains into the mix, too. Quick and easy to cook and distinctly tasty.
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  4. OkRadLakPok

    OkRadLakPok Senior Member

    Thank you for this. I cannot eat much now either. I live off protein bars and Orgain. I have to buy a Vitamix because the bars are $3 a piece. I had to eat like 5 in one day! I lost a lot of weight, too.
    I so totally hate food. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it.
    I told my mom it is like being forced to eat dog poop 3 times a day. I can't even stand to think about it.
  5. rosieness


    I didn’t know whether to expect any responses from this, so thanks all.

    Timaca, I didn’t know Sweet potatoes are sometimes called yams, the yams I’m thinking of aren't sweet potatoes though. I buy Puna Yam, Ghana Yam, White Yam and French Yam, depending which I can get. All good. The instant pot has given me an idea.

    Thanks for throwing plantains into the mix, sarah. Will give them a go. I don't have many foods that fit into the quick, easy, tasty category!

    OkRadLacPok, I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with food. I remember a time when food felt like a poison to me, so I empathise with you and really hope things soon improve.

    Two books have been a lifeline for me: Allergy Free Eating: Key to the Future by Liz Reno, and The Rotation Diet Cookbook by Alison Carter and Jill Edwards. I can’t say I’ve tried many of the recipes though, I mostly use them as a resource for information, and ideas for alternative foods and food combinations.

    I can’t eat gluten or rice but can now tolerate quite a few non gluten grains like quinoa, buckwheat, teff and kamut - on a long rotation. After many moons I’m now less sensitive and able to tolerate more foods. I start with just a tiny little bit and build up, keeping them on strict rotation.
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