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Altered gut microbiome in a mouse model of Gulf War Illness causes neuroinflammation...

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by J.G, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. J.G


    Full title:
    Altered gut microbiome in a mouse model of Gulf War Illness causes neuroinflammation and intestinal injury via leaky gut and TLR4 activation

    Alhasson F1, Das S1, Seth R1, Dattaroy D1, Chandrashekaran V1, Ryan CN2, Chan LS2, Testerman T3, Burch J4, Hofseth LJ5, Horner R6, Nagarkatti M3, Nagarkatti P3, Lasley SM7, Chatterjee S1.

    Many of the symptoms of Gulf War Illness (GWI) that include neurological abnormalities, neuroinflammation, chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal disturbances have been traced to Gulf War chemical exposure. Though the association and subsequent evidences are strong, the mechanisms that connect exposure to intestinal and neurological abnormalities remain unclear. Using an established rodent model of Gulf War Illness, we show that chemical exposure caused significant dysbiosis in the gut that included increased abundance of phylum Firmicutes and Tenericutes, and decreased abundance of Bacteroidetes. Several gram negative bacterial genera were enriched in the GWI-model that included Allobaculum sp. Altered microbiome caused significant decrease in tight junction protein Occludin with a concomitant increase in Claudin-2, a signature of a leaky gut. Resultant leaching of gut caused portal endotoxemia that led to upregulation of toll like receptor 4 (TLR4) activation in the small intestine and the brain. TLR4 knock out mice and mice that had gut decontamination showed significant decrease in tyrosine nitration and inflammatory mediators IL1β and MCP-1 in both the small intestine and frontal cortex. These events signified that gut dysbiosis with simultaneous leaky gut and systemic endotoxemia-induced TLR4 activation contributes to GW chemical-induced neuroinflammation and gastrointestinal disturbances.

    (PLoS One. 2017 Mar 22;12(3))

    I found this paper interesting because it raises a hypothesis for a systemic, multi-system illness in terminology we're hearing a lot in ME/CFS discourse currently. The gut-brain axis, leaky gut, dysbiosis, endotoxins, IL1β and TLR4. I imagine a future hypothesis for ME/CFS will look much the same: an extended, multi-systemic series of causes and effects culminating in our patterns of illness.
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  2. morse27

    morse27 Senior Member

    all this is not true, GWS is in relation with squalene MF59 used in 6 shots anthrax vaccines and in winter 2009 on european civilians who received squalene H1N1 Flu vaccine PANDEMRIX of your murderer GSK
    lab country
  3. cigana

    cigana Senior Member

    Why can't the vaccines you mention play the role of the toxins used in the study to induce the dysbiosis?
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  4. morse27

    morse27 Senior Member

    US GI soldiers with GWS do not suffer from dysbiosis, it is not at all that, but a total suppression of their intestinal lipid cells,
    you can perform on any part of the body of a GWS veteran a biopsy looking for lipid cells with the same chemical formula as the squalene adjuvant C30H50, you will not find any cells ,
    it should be known that the human body is normally composed of 10% of this lipid cells, mainly in the brain 80%.

    The destruction of these cells by mimetic autoimmune process is irreversible insofar as there is no longer a single cell to be duplicated by stem cells.
    The major problem that affects us is the suppression of the phases of deep sleep N3 and N4 at the beginning of the disease and later of the N2 phase,
    this anomaly on the sleep is very close to another less known disease that one calls the FFI family fatal insomnia

    that destroys the thalamus neurons quickly in the thalamus part.
    Recently Prof. Baraniuk compared hundreds of MRI images of soldiers with GWS and non-sick soldiers,

    all GWS Vet have lesions of the thalamic area. and the brainstem that manages the autonomic system and sleep,

    that is why we are so exhausted because we can not sleep and reach the deep sleep phases essential for neuronal and physiological repair.

    The study made by non GWS scientists was performed on mice was made with sarin gas, prioridistimine but never with true cause os GWS

    because proof would have been demonstrated and the pentagon does not wish this scandal to break out in the usa or UK or CAN
    . It should be known that each year 10 000 soldiers with GWS die of this disease in the most terrible agony without any treatment
    and all these soldiers have been used for "guinea pigs" to test a new adjuvant :squalene in future vaccines

    they were the first humans to receive this adjuvant but will not be the last,
    I am with thousand civilians in H1N1 pandemia guinea pig to test also this adjuvant as sick as they are,

    and future generations will also be exposed to this genocide.

    I am working on a biological marker and soon ready to file a international patent
    no researcher in the world has the courage to do it for us.
    i ll make it
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