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Alltrials campaign requesting donations

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Sasha, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    As a signatory to their petition I just received this:

    Dear Friends​

    We launched the AllTrials campaign 6 months ago, and with your help it’s taken us where we never expected. Major organisations around the world are now taking this problem more seriously than ever before, and we have the opportunity to take practical action that could raise the level of clinical trial transparency worldwide. We don’t want history to record that we didn’t do something because we couldn’t afford it. We need your help to grab this opportunity.​

    All of you adding your voices has already had great impact. The problem of trial results being withheld has been well documented for three decades, with poorly implemented fixes along the way, but now there is clear policy movement. You helped MEPs put transparency at the heart of the clinical trials regulation in Brussels; brought worldwide pressure to a head with Dartmouth University taking the lead in the US; organisations in Australia, Europe, South America and Asia coming on board and you encouraged 350 medical bodies, regulators, patient groups, pharmaceutical companies, professional and learned societies to sign up and start joined up discussions on what they can all do – we will publish a detailed report on this in a few days time.​

    Everything we’ve done has been on a shoestring. If everyone who signed up to the campaign gave £10 now we could take the step up the campaign needs to take to respond to the opportunity we’ve found ourselves facing. Every little bit (and every big bit) helps. Donate at or email to donate in other ways. ​

    Best regards ​
    Ben & Síle​

    This message is online at, which is constantly updated with campaign news.

    Given the issues with the reporting of the PACE trial, I think this is an important one to support and I've made a donation.

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