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Abnormal changes during Tilt Table Test in ME/CFS patients are NOT related to deconditioning

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by Lisa108, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Lisa108

    Lisa108 Senior Member

    This study was posted today on the German 'ME -Pacing mit Pulsuhr'-Facebook page:

    The Abnormal Cardiac Index and Stroke Volume Index Changes During a Normal Tilt Table Test in ME/CFS Patients Compared to Healthy Volunteers, are Not Related to Deconditioning

    C.(Linda) M.C. van Campen,Frans C. Visser*

    Department of Cardiology,Stichting Cardiozorg, Planetenweg, Netherlands

    Free access link here, just click through the buttons 'Abstract', 'Article', 'Figures', 'Tables', 'References', and 'Suggested Citation'.

    It seems as if this will be published in the 'Journal of Thrombosis and Circulation'.
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  2. Hufsamor

    Hufsamor Senior Member


    Linda van Campen and Frans Visser from the Netherlands have just published a study that examined stroke volume and cardiac output in ME/CFS. It confirmed earlier findings from a smaller study that changes occurred in these two key cardiac measures despite normal tilt-table results (Timmers et al., 2002).

    Both studies found reduced cardiac output and stroke volumes during a tilt table test in ME/CFS patients compared to healthy controls. However, these patients had normal tilt table results, meaning their heart rate and blood pressure did not change significantly enough to be diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance.

    The authors of the earlier study suggested that these findings were due to deconditioning, but in this new, larger study, Van Campen and Visser showed they were not as they found no difference in results between different disease severities
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