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A weird thing happened in 2013, was this methylation?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Methhead81, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Methhead81


    Not an urgent post, only something that's been plaguing my mind for quite a while. Recently with my symptoms getting worse after removing things from my diet and undergoing brief methylation symptoms, I need to tell you guys about a strange thing that happened to me.

    During 2013, when my fatigue was no where near as bad (I was masturbating often and stressed, but not completely disabled mentally and emotionally, I cut it out now), I decided to try eating less for a little while to lose weight. For a day or two I felt better, but then I started to get really stressed for no reason and super anxious. Like, just afraid for no real reason at all.

    At the time, I was weaning off Prozac (took a 15mg dose for two years, I gradually increased it to 20mg before weaning off) and had a bad reaction to Sudafed at one point that caused very similar least it may have been sudafed. I am not really 100% sure to be quite honest. But anyway, the interesting part.

    The symptoms are pretty much identical to how I feel right now, only without the super strong anxiety (though I am on edge, partially because I am really trying to get this shit sorted out once and for all before it really damages me). I remember losing interest in things that once mattered to me and I had anhedonia. I was terrified...

    Then, my mother suggested that I should eat normally again and offered me a packet of crisps. I also had a strong lack of appetite, so eating was a huge chore for me. And then, the next day or the day after (when I went back to school) I woke up feeling really damn good. The impairment and mental problems went down a shit ton. I felt more like my normal self for once.

    This faded after a few days. But what the hell could have caused this? Was it a mineral imbalance? Was it returning to school? Was it Prozac withdrawal? I am not really 100% sure. I felt similar earlier on when doing a candida diet (I got super anxious, and this was only in October this year) but that faded after a few days.

    It may be quite important that I know what could have caused this little episode.
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  2. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    I've recently found that too much fasting caused me adrenal stress. And stressed adrenals cause the body to hold onto weight.

    Maybe it does have to do w/ adrenals, salt. Stressed adrenals can cause a lot of symptoms. The salt in the crisps might have compensated for something missing. Good luck w/ sorting this out.
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