Choline on the Brain? A Guide to Choline in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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A very Microbediscovery Christmas message....

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by aimossy, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. aimossy

    aimossy Senior Member

    A Microbediscovery Project Xmas appeal; the ultimate Christmas gift!

    This Christmas, give a gift of top quality biomedical research to fellow people with ME/CFS. A gift that helps make a difference in the efforts to find out more about our illness. A gift of hope at a time when so many find it so much harder to cope.

    Research is our only ticket out of the dark! - The gut microbiome in ME/CFS.

    The Gut Brain Axis may very well be important in the context of our illness. We have dysfunctional immune systems and a high percentage of gut and brain symptomology. The gut microbiome is strongly connected to the immune system, brain and metabolism function. Findings are being made in this area for illnesses such as MS, Autism, Crohns, Lupus, Parkinsons, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes.This has become a promising new area of research for chronic illnesses.

    Considering all this, it is a very sensible place for us to be looking for new information in our illness - it's the obvious next step for ME/CFS research!

    We also get to have this research done by world-renowned researchers Dr Ian Lipkin and Dr Mady Hornig and their strong team - one of the best teams around, based at Columbia University in New York. This is an unheard of opportunity for this illness world wide and making a donation to this patient driven crowdfund would be a wonderful gift for anyone with ME/CFS. We don't have many findings in this illness and there is so little research done.

    Last chance to get what we can to help with the 'microbiome challenge' for ME/CFS.

    The patient driven crowdfund ends Dec 31st! People have donated from 25 different countries and we have raised over $150,000. We are stronger as the sum of our parts. To find out more read through the projects website blog series and news page, You can make a donation to Columbia University securely (Tax- deductible for USA donors ) here :

    The Center for Infection and Immunity is committed to pursuing the 'microbiome challenge' for ME/CFS with the resources that come through our efforts.


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  2. John Mac

    John Mac Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    Great picture aimossy:) It would be great to print this out and stick on work/shop/school/doctor notice boards. I'll ask at my local supermarkets to see if they'll let me do this.
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  3. aimossy

    aimossy Senior Member

    Thanks @John Mac :) I will pass that nice message on to who made the picture up.
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