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A Proven Treatment-Cure for Chronic Epsten Barr Virus

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Abdulrahman, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Abdulrahman



    Wanted to share this valuable Natural Protocol of curing Chronic Epstein Barr Virus naturally:

    My contribution on this Curezone Thread is the last comment:

    "Read through this thread carefully to fully extract the Protocol that "Search2008" followed to cure himself of EBV Virus:
    AntiViral Program That Succeeded in Eradicating EBV and Herpes Infections for subscriber Search2008 in year 2010:

    1- Vitamin D3 at 10,000 iu daily for three months.
    2- 1000 mg Lysine tablets first month x 3 times daily before meals by 1 hour.
    3- 1000 mg Vitamin C, 3 x daily before meals. First month.
    4- Sambucol Anti viral, Elderberry Extract double dose taken 4 times daily before meals by 1 hour. 3 months
    5- Milk Thistle Thisylin brand 3 capsules x 3 x daily. 3 months
    6- Three caps of HerpeEze Antiviral product x 3 times daily before meals. 3 months
    7- Heathy diet with no junk food, all organic vegetables.
    8- Suntan daily 30 minutes.

    Notice that this program was amde by a Chronic EBV sufferer who understood that you cannot go easy on viruses by trying one thing at a time. They have to be overwelmed by a strong combination of powerful natural viral inhibitors.

    I compiled this as a service to others as i felt it is a very practical program that worked well. By the way i had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for twenty years, but now 95% cured. I still have some EBV remaining and will use the above program to kill it off.

    Good Luck to You,

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  2. Jon_Tradicionali

    Jon_Tradicionali Alone & Wandering

    Zogor-Ndreaj, Shkodër, Albania
    Highly anecdotal.

    Anyone can try this, but please do not think this as a cure for all. It isn't.
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  3. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    How does one "cure" chronic EBV? Doesn't EBV establish a permanent latent infection in everyone it infects? Active EBV can be driven back into latency, but there's always the possibility it will reactivate. Is that what this person means by a "cure" for chronic EBV?

    How did this person establish this "cure"? What lab tests were used to verify a "cure"? Or is he just going by improvement in symptoms?
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  4. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    Doesn't EBV alter/invade/do something to the DNA of the B cells permanently? I am familiar with the use of all those supplements and my guess is that they would suppress EBV, but not "cure" it.

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  5. globalpilot

    globalpilot Senior Member

    All of the recoveries I've seen have been ancedotal. Let's not write this off - this person has taken an approach I haven't seen before - attacking a virus from many different angles.
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  6. IreneF

    IreneF Senior Member

    San Francisco
    There are so many "miracle cures" that I would need to see before-and-after medical records, including reputable labs and 2-day exercise tests, to believe anything like this.

    How do you define a healthy diet? I just ate some sourdough bread. Healthy or junk?
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  7. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    The organic vegetables would make my health much worse. A daily suntan of 30 minutes would be hard in the UK. Also the photophobia would make that very uncomfortable for some people plus the effects as well on those with POTs if hot.

    I am always interested in regimes and cures with good before and after information such as tests. These claims though as so common as to be without much value.

    Had a look on the Curezone thread and it appears that neither of the people who "developed" this regime had CFS, there are no test results mentioned and that other posters there have queried one of the ingredients which is supposed to suppress thyroid function so it's another proceed with caution approach if one wants to follow it.

    The same poster who developed this "cure" also claims that exercise lowers bad cholesterol. My partner's experience would suggest that is another simplification that doesn't work for all.

    Also the discussion on that thread is a few years old and there haven't been any other claims of a cure using the suggested approach and a more recent request to see if the poster (and his wife) are still well hasn't been answered.
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  8. zzz

    zzz Senior Member

    The best documented, most scientific alternative EBV treatment (which should really be mainstream) is the one Dr. Jay Goldstein developed for treating his mononucleosis patients in 1979. He used Tagamet (an H(2) blocker), but once Zantac came out, he switched to that, because it had far fewer side effects. For 90% of his mono patients, Zantac 150 twice a day got rid of all mono symptoms in a day or two. Over the years, this treatment was done on well over a hundred patients. This treatment was also very helpful for 20% of his CFS patients.

    There are papers published on this, but no clinical studies. Why? Here's Dr. Goldstein's explanation:
    And the drug companies wouldn't pay for such a study - the antivirals are so much more profitable than Zantac.
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  9. Abdulrahman



    Lots of good replies here so here are some answers:

    1. Anecdotal: Well,the fact that you were born, is just Anecdotal isnt it? Your parents told you that you are their child....who knows? But you are here today so just accept that as a fact. The same applies to me. We are all Anecdotal my dear.
    2. Question raised on CEBV: How can it be totally cured? Well, there is no proof that CEBV is the same identical virus as the relatively weak EBV that gives the well known mononucleaosis or kissing disease. To me CEBV is a mutant virus slighty differing from the common EBV. A very small variation in virus structure can make it extremely difficult for the immune system to mount a strong defence. However once the correct combintaion of anti-virals has greatly weakened the CEBV,then the immune system can win out permanently.
    3. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from 1993 to 2012. That means i had Mycoplasma Infection, Parasites, Constant infections, very weakened immune system, and Chronic EBV, plus CMV.
    4. To fight my full blown disease i resorted to a serious study of Natural medicine for 18 years: Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Western Medicine, Human Biochemistry, Modern Naturapathic Medicine.
    5. Using this knowledge and the tremendous users experiences from the Internet, i cured myself of a dangerous 18 year Mycoplasma Infection 100%, Cured most of the weak immune responce, cured the Liver dysfunction, weakness, poor sleep,tiredness......and onward. The only remaining problem is my CEBV virus. Basically I\ve been 95% cured for 2.5 years now I function far better than most average people.
    6. Why I think the Curezone treatment is a powerful and suitable cure: From my study of other Chronic Fatigue pateints and CEBV patients who actually were able to cure themselves and were able to coherently explain how they did it, a number of common factors came up.
    7. The common factors were: applying a very strong healthy diet based upon many organic vegetables, nuts, seafood, some red meat, lots of greens, Garlic and Onions, Broccoli, lots of fresh fruits and of course high quality milk products such organic goat cheese. . Good fats such as Virgin Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil...kind of like the Mediteranean diet. Minimizing nutritionally empty foods such as carbohydrates and processed foods..
    8. Next was applying a Holistic approach toward healing and curing themselves. This means using the full curative powers of the body. These are unleashed by: performing detoxification regimes, graded exercise, massage, Chiropractic spinalmanipulation, immune boosting supplements, correct sleep. Using herbal medicines to assist the digestive system in many cases. Cleansing of the intestinal tract and applying colon therapy cleanses.
    9. Next they applied direct natural antivirals: Vitamin-D3 at doses of 20,000 IU daily over six months was common. Combinations of Anti viral herbs that are targeted toward the Herpes family viruses was another very common factor: Chapparal Herb [ the safe kind like LarreaRX], Lomatium, Herbal proprietary blends, Milk Thistle at high dose, Star Anise, Elderberry extracts Olive Leaf Extracts. These kill both CEBV and CMV.
    10. Eating anti-viral foods and anti-viral spices daily. For example, pure Grapeseed Oil is anti-viral. Search them on Google. For example,just chewing on Cinnamon sticks during the day wipes out CEBV because this virus replicates in our saliva. By sucking and chewing raw Cinnamon sticks, you poison their food as cinnamon is anti HIV family viruses..
    11. Taking daily immune boosting natural suuplements such as MSM, Vitamin-C, Good Multivitamins, Colostrum Powder, Fish Oils, Quercetin 3000 mg daily, Turmeric Extract Tablets 2000 mg daily, , Alpha Lipoic Acid.
    12. Lysine is a Amino acid well known to be damaging to the Herpes family viruses; many but not all took this.
    13. I also tried the mineral Boron at high dosages as advocated at It is strongly anti-viral.
    14. Many others failed because they took incorrect and small amounts of the natural anti-virals, and others failed because they did not take them all together. The antivirals should be taken as a comprehensive program.
    15. These people who cured themselves used their own brain, not relying on conventional doctors brains......if you cannot take this step by yourself then just wait another 25 to 50 years when modern medical science has finally figured out how to solve CFID and CEBV....:)
    Thank you, i hope you now realize there is some logic behind these winner's advice.
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  10. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    Not really. It's your opinion. Plenty of ME and CFS patients have been trying all the types of things you recommend for decades now. There is nothing on your list that hasn't been talked about. tried on the CFS groups for years.

    When you present us with some actual evidence it will cease to become an anecdotal.

    You have failed to take into consideration those of us who cannot tolerate the sulphur vegetables, the colostrum and multi-vitamins. It is far more complicated for someone with CFS and ME than you seem to think.

    Until then I will continue to take the anti-viral drugs which I bought when all the easy methods you mentioned above failed (and some made me much, much worse).
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  11. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    EBV is not the actual cause of CFS.

    There was one study suggesting that several years of acyclovir may eliminate EBV from the body, but it was not replicated, to my knowledge. Aside from that, the only way they have been able to get rid of EBV from the body, is with a stem cell transplant.
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  12. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    I think the general consensus is that there isnt one infectious cause of cfs/me but probably many implicated in the illness probably because of some type of immune dysfunction and this immune dysfunction may have been caused by the initial triggering infection? Maybe a hit and run infection leaving the immune system switched on as in an auto immune illness or the run down immune system cant control infections it once was able to??

    I think some can get lucky and only need to treat one infection and also their immune system bounces back once the infectious load is lowered??
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  13. xrunner

    xrunner Senior Member

    Hi @Abdulrahman
    as a matter of interest, what species of mycoplasma did you treat and how?
    they can be very immunosuppressive infections causing viral reactivation, getting rid of that made it certainly easier for you to recover from your viruses. All the best.
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  14. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    Until you define "cure", this discussion is pointless. You are not suggesting anything that hasn't been tried by many people with ME/CFS. Some of those things have improved their condition somewhat. None of those things are guaranteed cures for ME/CFS. They aren't even guarantees of substantial improvement. At best, they are some of the supplements that help some of the people some of the time. A cure? Nope.

    EBV (of any variant) cannot be completely eliminated from the body, except possibly by stem cell transplant from a never-exposed donor (Good luck finding that donor, since 90+ percent of the population has been exposed). All herpes class viruses establish life-long latent infections, which can reactivate when the immune system is compromised. You cannot eliminate them from the body with any medication or supplement. The best you can do is push them back into long-term latency.

    The following comment is irrelevant to the point because the variant of EBV does not change the fact that the nature of EBV is to establish a permanent infection. If it didn't, it wouldn't be EBV.
    Unless you have lab tests and a diagnosis of ME/CFS by a top ME/CFS specialist according to the CCC or ICC, we cannot be confident you had the same illness we have. If you don't have objective lab tests showing substantial improvements in all the features of ME/CFS (immune dysfunction, PEM/PENE, etc), then your claims to a cure, while wonderful for you, are meaningless to us. One person's subjective and undocumented claims to being cured don't tell us anything about what will work for all ME/CFS (according to the CCC/ICC) patients. One person's objective and documented claim to being cured is not even a guarantee that what worked for them will cure all other patients. Give us sound, scientific evidence that shows the "cure" works reliably in hundreds of patients and we might think about buying the idea of a cure.

    Fatigue and lots of infections does not equal ME/CFS. Lots of conditions can cause that, including poor diet and lifestyle choices, any of which might indeed be "cured" by your combination of supplements and healthy diet.

    The illness we are talking about is defined in Myalgic encephalomyelitis: International Consensus Criteria. Read it if you want to know what ME/CFS is. Here is a very small extract, just to give you an idea. You will have to read the document itself to get the details of the criteria symptoms.
    I'm glad that you managed to cure yourself of whatever condition had you ill for so many years. We can all be happy for people who regain their health after years of illness.
  15. Snowdrop

    Snowdrop Rebel without a biscuit


    Sounds expensive and tiring to implement.
    Did you study the different disciplines online or was there a certificate program you attended?
  16. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    Hi @Abdulrahman I am interested in this too. Thanks for your help
  17. Abdulrahman


    The Mycoplasma Killer Program:

    I cannot give medical treatments online but can share what worked for me:

    I had Mycoplasma Pneumonia from 1993 to 2012. It never returned again. Nothing could eradicate this very difficult infection until then no matter what i tried. Some natural medications succeeded in weakening the bacteria but none wiped it out. Don't forget that in CFS or CFID when the patient has Mycoplasma infections, these are not the simple common Mycoplasma types that are infecting others; you are carrying more powerful strains of the virus. This is why common Antibiotic programs don't work l.....a very unusual program must be applied.
    Mycoplasma or Chlamydia Bacterial Infections are a major cause of our CFID disease: Some of you may have received a flu shot or other injection that was contaminated. Such injections can be contaminated with a virulent strain of Mycoplasma Bacteria [such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia in my case] which frequently infects the laboratories that manufacture such anti-viral vaccines. It’s also possible that you have a bacterial Mycoplasma or Chlamydia infection just by a normal infection process such as breathing contaminated air. You can ask for a PCR test to confirm the Mycoplasma diagnosis at a high quality testing laboratory.

    How I permanently cured my Mycoplasma Pneumonia bacteria in 21 days: I purchased Klacid XL Antibiotic [Clarithromycin or Biaxin XL in USA]. I took 3 x 500 mg XL tablets total daily 8 hours apart for first 4 days, and then dropped to 2 x 500 mg 12 hours apart for 16 days. Note: The “XL” means this is a higher sustained release type dose. The common manufacturer suggested Adult dosage for Klacid-XL is to take one tablet daily. But being a 210 lb. man meant that I needed to add an extra dose. In addition my past experience experimenting with five other antibiotics during the years 2010 to 2012, made me understand that I cannot succeed with conventional programs; I must insure high molar concentration in all tissues for the ingested antibiotic. This is based upon researching many studies that were performed on various antibiotics by comparative analyses with regards to efficiency toward Mycoplasma infections.

    It’s a high dose but if not taken at these high serum concentrations and for this period of time the bacteria are only weakened not eradicated.

    1. The main important point is that when taking antibiotics make sure to drink adequate fresh fruit or vegetable juices and water during the day [2 to 3 quarts] to flush out the Kidneys. Antibiotics accumulate in the kidneys because the body tries to flush out unusual substances….
    2. I did not exceed exceed 21 days at this dosage. Try to get your doctor's support on this high dose antibiotic regime. I learned from my extensive research that 100% eradication of all Mycoplasma type bacteria requires a 21 day program.
    3. I did not purchase this Antibiotic except from the original licensed pharmaceutical company, so i advise to not purchase a Generic drug, its best to have maximum quality.
    4. For a man or woman of 150 lb. weight or less, I considered that 2 x 500 mg tablets daily of the XL type taken 12 hours apart will be sufficient. I applied that to a 165 lb female with Mycoplasma Pnuemonia and she was cured of the same bacteria using the 21 day program.. She did not need my extra high dosage of three XL tablets taken in the first four days.

    Good luck,
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  18. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

    I am really glad you are better, I really am. I believe you when you say this is what cured you.

    However correlation is not causation.

    Everyone drinks milk. Everyone dies. Does that mean milk causes death?

    I think it's important to think about this as well as other considerations before coming to conclusions. Here is some information I find helpful. Whether you read it or not is up to you.

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  19. Abdulrahman


    Hi Snowdrop,

    It was a bit expensive but mostly in consuming my free time over 18 years thats the biggest expense. But what can you do? Once I realized three years down the road in 1996 that this strange dsease [ i did not have any idea of what it was] isn't going away, i realized that nobody can help me but myself. Conventional doctors are great if you walk into a hospital with your left arm trailing you on the does not take much brains to figure out your exact problem at that point.
    But when it comes to highly complicated diseases such as CFID, forget it :)

    It was a self education process without certification because the goal was knowledge and skill development. Over the years I accumulated about 180 books on Medicine,and spent about a thousands hours each year on the internet studying medicne and diseases. We don't have Naturapathic doctors in our area so that left me to my own skills. The human mind can develop and accumulate knowledge and skills to a professional degree even without formal institutions.......but it takes a lot of hard work and pre-requisites such as time, money,enough intelligence, diligence.


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  20. Abdulrahman


    Hi Barbara,

    You Know Elvis Presley is suppossed to be buried at a cemetary in Memphis, Tenessee but some people can't believe that and they continue to be believe that "He's Walkin In Memphis" :) . Why couldn't these people make the correct correlation ?

    The reason is that these Elvis sighting supporters lack a certain amount of intellectual capability to separate fact from fiction and to study evidence. In addition they have weak Logical Analysis skills.

    Correlation becomes Causation when evidence is massive, and when other causal factors are removed as a variable or the chances of other factors is extremely small, say one of of ten million possibility or less. For the Mycoplasma infection i tried evrything under the sun for 15 years but it would not go away. Then immediatly after completing a 21 day course of specific antibiotics under a self made program that was based upon others Laboratory research testing of Antibiotics, I succeeded in eliminating the bacteria completely with zero symptoms remaining for a 2.5 year period. I applied the same program to another CFID patient and she was cured of her Mycoplasma infection using the same exact program. She still has CEBV just like me.

    Thank you,

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