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23andme raw data -- How do I get it?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by SOC, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    Okay, I'm feeling stupid. :( I'm blaming it on feeling lousy from reactivated HHV6 and another sinus/throat/ear infection. :ill: This has not been a good few weeks.

    Anyway.... my 23andme data is finally in, but I can't figure out how to get my raw data much less process it through the other programs that have been mentioned. Will someone have pity on a more-than-usually sickly me and walk me through all this? Or point me to a thread (which I haven't been able to find) where it has already been discussed?

    On the positive side, I now know I have a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer's. Not that I'm feeling the truth of that at the moment. ;)
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  2. beaker

    beaker ME/cfs 1986

    I am sorry I am not able to help. I am glad you posted though. I have not gotten tested b/c I knew there was no way I could get through the results and even understand them in any meaningful way, let along apply them.
    So I thank you ! Perhaps your asking for help will help me and others in the same boat !
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  3. merylg

    merylg Senior Member

    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Login to 23andMe, tap on your name (box top right), a drop down menu appears, choose "Browse Raw Data".

    From there you can type in genes of interest or snps of interest.

    You will see top right of this browsing page, it says DOWNLOAD tap on that & follow instructions.
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  4. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    Well, duh! :rolleyes: Clearly I am significantly cognitively impaired at the moment. :( Thank you very much, merylg! The download was super easy. Tomorrow I'll try to figure snp analyzing programs whose names evade me at the moment. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help. :D
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  5. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I suggest just to download your raw data there and then go to the genetic gene site and put it into there for your methylation report and your detox gene mutations (and at this point dont worry about individual analyses of things).

    I didnt work out how to download my raw data for quite a while either!! (I stupidly didnt ask but keep looking and looking thinking I'd find it but didnt) but it was so simple when I finally worked out what I was supposed to do!!! I know meryl has already told you how to get the raw data but I'll say too (as maybe your head will just suddenly get it in different words).

    1/ Log into 23andME

    2/ Find your name top of screen, to the right (The top of screen has a row of headings, your name to the right of where it has the Research and Community heading and a down arrow right after your name). Left cllick that area of your name and the arrow and it will open up a boxed list of things you can click.

    (I figure you may of tried clicking your name on this page in the other spot it appears rather then top right)

    3/ Within that box of listed things to click is "browse raw data" Click that to get to your raw data area. Once on this new page, I suggest to ignore all the other things there and look at the top right next to your name again (same area as before). Directly below your name now should be "DOWNLOAD" link.

    4/ Download and then go to geneticgene (the website is easily found by a web search)... put your info into there (far less confusing then the 23andME site) for methylation report and for the detox gene results (they are separate at the geneticgenie site).

    (I checked out the geneticgene site first before tried working out how to find raw DNA data at 23andME and saw that part looked easy, so having done that already found the process of doing all this less overwhelming)

    If you get lost let us know at what step you are getting lost at and Im sure someone will try to explain better.
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  6. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Actually, genetic genie now has a direct link to 23andme. So you go to, click on the Methylation Analysis tab, then click on the Connect with 23andme button. Log in with your 23andme username and password, and allow access.

    Voila, your methylation results will appear.

    You can do the same for your detox SNPs by clicking on the Detox Profile tab and going through the same procedure.
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  7. student

    student Senior Member

    This is w e l l discribed:

    First the DATA download- @23AM, than a) Mid page - Methylation, b) page down – Detox

    For Download: they ask for your (1) + (2) Question
    (yes.. I had lost the question, than go and change it): @name upper R, far down.
    "Account details“, far down – your sekret Question. - give login - and enter the NEW.(now download). - just go to the Mid page. a) "Methylation AN" (blue) and b) "D" - save by PDF download.. all is done

    Thanks - for all this 'good heart' <3, s t u d e n t

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