Watch out, some rice contains gluten.

Blog entry posted by SickOfSickness, Sep 29, 2013.

"Rice itself is gluten free (it does contain rice gluten, but it is NOT the gluten that triggers the autoimmune response of a celiac, btw.) The problem with white rice is that it is enriched, which means that the rice is sprayed with a vitamin enriched coating. Most of the big (e.g. Uncle Ben's, Mahatma) manufacturers use a corn based starch to get the coating to stick to the rice but that is no gaurantee that they ALL use a gluten free coating, so you have to go brand by brand to determine what is safe to eat and what is not."
  1. SickOfSickness
    @Nico see my new post about corn :(
  2. Nico
    I used to eat rice 3-4 times a day, including rice cakes. I have now stopped eating rice, except white basmati 1x/week or maybe 2. This since more news on arsenic levels in rice has been reported. I'm now into potatoes & quinoa. Will eat organic corn too.