Vitamin D Notes

Blog entry posted by sregan, Feb 12, 2017.

Vitamin D and thyroid connection:

Vitamin D and B5:

Too Much vitamin D:

Magnesium, A, K2, Boron, B-Complex, Calcium, Zinc

"Magnesium most important co-factor. However, magnesium can feed lyme thus those with lyme need mag malate for but another story"

"If you CAN, I would take olive leaf kill all kinds of stomach and intestinal pathogens. It lowers blood pressure so if your is already ow you might have a problem with it (I do not know - maybe olive leaf extract just normalizes blood pressure...I would not hesitate unless my b.p. was actually low)."

"Anti-inflammatory supplements that I have found calming, both for the "wired" state and for my anxiety symptoms, are N-acetyl-glucosamine 700 mg, turmeric 1000 mg and flaxseed oil 15 ml daily"

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  1. SickOfSickness
    Thank you for this :)
  2. Chocolove
    Are you aware that an estimated 70-80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium? They consume less than the RDA.