Valcyte - 5 Months, 19 Days

Blog entry posted by ArgyrosfeniX, Jul 2, 2012.

Hello Everyone,

Had a follow-up visit with my Internist a few days ago and things continue to go well. I'm slowly gaining more energy (as long as I don't overdo it). I've been working too hard over the past 10 days and thankfully have a few days to rest. Went up to the family cabin for the weekend and was able to do most of the things that needed to get done (packing, driving, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, repacking and driving home). Didn't have much energy to do other things, but I had brought a few books with me so it worked out okay.

Speaking of which, does anybody else out there find that they are reading a lot? Do you find that the distraction of a book is helpful in relieving some of the stress from our minimized lifestyle? I find that I've started taking some pride in the amount of books that I read, even though the number indicates I don't do much else... :D

Last time I wrote, there was concern that I find a new job that would be easy on me, yet still provide enough income to support my family. Haven't found that job yet and not sure I'll get one by the time I need to switch from working Agency. Hopefully, something will come up soon...

Altogether, things are sloooowly progressing towards healthy - I had a day last week where I was rested up and actually started to dance a bit to the music I was playing through the stereo! Usually, I need music to just get me up and moving at all - that and caffeine. To actually have enough energy to dance a bit and feel good about it was the most amazing thing!

Hope all of you reading are finding methods to cope, if not improve your lives! :hug:

Weight: 260.2 lbs

Activity Level: 7-8 recently, due to overworking on the job. Resting up for more in a few days!

Current Dosing: 900mg in the morning.

Lab values of note: Liver values continue to normalize!!
  • AST = 30 -> previously 32 (norm 10-40 U/L)
  • ALT = 42 -> previously 48 (norm 9-60 U/L)
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Living with ME/CFS since the age of 16 (1989). Was persistent enough to get three Associates Degrees and get married through it all. Working hard to keep going for as long as I can before becoming bedridden. Current treatment plan is to use Valcyte for 2 years starting January 13th, 2012, then possibly switch to Valtrex for an indefinite period. "Here I am trying to live, or rather, I am trying to teach the death within me how to live." ~ Jean Cocteau
  1. lifeonerth
    I read all the time. It is a wonderful escape, and I also feel it helps push back the brain fog by giving my brain "exercise." Anything that gets me out of my body is wonderful! Good luck with the treatments and job situation!
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  2. justy
    Glad to see you are still doing well! i hope the job situation resolves soon for you.
    take care, Justy.x
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