Too tired for a riot

Blog entry posted by marjojo, May 13, 2017.

Had meant to post this for ME Awareness Day and #MillionsMissing but only just remembered. Wrote this as, being a mostly supine sort, I couldn't take part in the protests in person. So many of us feel invisible, discounted. I'm sad and angry for all who do. Made a card and sent to friends and comrades-in-harm...

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Unless completely eviscerated by fatigue I need to create. Used to make art, hands permitting, now pour my art into writing.
  1. marjojo
    Thanks, all. Much appreciated. Wish I could catch up with your and others' blogs, but I struggle with reading, and my monotone voice woman reading app exasperates.
  2. ahmo
    Beautiful expression of our reality.
  3. marjojo
    Thank you!
  4. trishrhymes
    Very eloquent. Thank you for sharing.
  5. marjojo
    Thank you for letting me know, Skycloud! Really appreciate that.
  6. Skycloud
    I love this, thank you.
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