The nurse today said:

Blog entry posted by lior, Feb 23, 2018.

- no AV after dinner
- phase out drinking as much water - half a cup less to start with - drinking too much water may be habitual.
- though my liver test result is out of the recommended limit, it's not that bad.
- my kidneys are very good
- vit D, vit B12, magnesium (been on those for a while anyway.)

Not sure how no AV after dinner is meant to help... I think she may have conflated chronic fatigue with chronic fatigue syndrome. I sleep alright apart from when I have a virus. I'm getting the right amount of sleep. It's movement, concentration, and memory that's hard.

Ughhh so sick of having to think hard to work out if a doctor or nurse's advice is going to be useful or if they don't know but believe they do.
I want a teacher type figure who can guide me through all this.
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  1. Runner5
    I've been doing meditation because I discovered that although it seems like my brain is going, "nobody is home" a lot of happening under the surface. The meditation calms down the nervous system enough I'm more functional. Using an app called Headspace, I use it three times per day, 15 morning, 5 at noon, 10 at night. I also deleted Facebook and social media, anything that distracts my poor tired brain. That and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube have been the two most useful things I've tried. Asking my brain to make decisions is just -- ooooh man -- that's a terrible ordeal that ends in me not functioning. I think maybe the Yoga and meditation works for me because someone is telling me what to do and I don't have to try to think. That's scary. I used to just be all about my intellectual ninjitsu and how smart I was - and now I feel like I barely hang on. I haven't found anyone in the medical field who 'gets' this.