Sometimes the Only Thing Left to Do is Laugh!

Blog entry posted by Kelvin Lord, Dec 20, 2010.

[​IMG]I get so frustrated with some of the nonsense of the medical community, that instead of screaming I watch my favorite comedian Brian Regan and laugh. Here's his classic routine on going to the Hospital. "" Enjoy!
  1. Victoria
    Very funny.....(in fact some of those lines ring a bell).
  2. hope love light
    Thanks that was funny and I really needed a laugh :)
  3. pamb
    Thanks Kelvin, up to your usual standards. Still laughing.
  4. Merry
    Thank you. That was fun!
  5. Tammie
    hilarious - thanks I needed that!

    I have had the "fun" experience of a broken (nearly compound, no less) femur bone, is definitely a 10 on the pain scale
  6. jaariel
    pretty funny!