So dizzy

Blog entry posted by 1gooddog, Mar 25, 2018.

This has been one of my primary problems. The past few months it has become debilitating.

I haven't seen any threads.

Can anyone offer advice. I am becoming desperate.
  1. Elisa
    You can also look for neck trigger points that may help around the sternocleidomastoid- check google images for this too. Do self message of neck - may help. And EFT - when I am in a bad bind - which is often :)!
  2. Elisa
    Oh, I went to neurologist about my dizziness and she said two things - get pt to retrain inner ear (epley maneuver) and have them work on your neck. You can do a google image search for ways to do the Epley maneuver yourself or Here's a good video that you may want to try:
    Also check blood sugar - may be low or high - if you're having swings cut out/down sugar and carbs.
  3. Elisa
    I have this too. Here is what I consider when I am dizzy - my blood pressure - is it too low. Do I need more salt or potassium. Am I drinking enough water etc. Have I tried electrolyte replacement? Next I think, ears and balance. Am I reacting to a food or environmental issue or allergy. I take my temp too - to see if there is an infection brewing. I use salt water gargles in case its my mouth or teeth. I try Vit c powder as an all around immune booster. Also I think about my sleep - am I overtired or stressed. Also am I holding lots of tension in my neck which can also trigger dizziness. I may think of more...and will add them. Please take care - I truly know how hard and upsetting it can be. Elisabeth
  4. Shoshana
    I do not have any good advice. Just want to say I am sorry you are dealing with those 2. They are difficult and debilitating, for sure. Take care. I hope you find a good idea.
  5. 1gooddog
    Who determines the reliability if a B12 test. 5 different labs. Self injecting for several years. B12 stored in the liver. A possibility through injection of rebuilding the stores you were born with???
  6. Runner5
    My doc had me doing physical therapy for my Meniere's disease. There wasn't much else to try, the exercises are all online. I waited out the Vertigo and in about 4 or so months I guess the first flare up went away. It comes and goes. I haven't had a flare up in a long time at the moment, guess I'm over-do.
  7. 1gooddog
    ENTs not ants.
  8. 1gooddog
    I have had eppley maneuver several times. Ants ruled everything else out. No help at all from decongestants. I do have brain spots, doc called them nicks in area supporting balance but has no answers. The vertigo cannot be duplicated in any form of diagnostics. I also have damaged eye muscles that can become severe . They have not made any connection. Vertigo and eye muscles are debilitating.
  9. maybe some day
    This was one of my biggest problems in the first stages of getting sick. Dr prescribed, but cant remember it. I believe it was just a fancy name for decongestant. The idea is, to lessen any fluid build up in the inner ear, which can cause the symptoms. There are also some head tilt therapies that can get the calcium deposits (otoconia) back in place.
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  10. Eastman
    I'm sorry the B12 didn't help.

    I hope the B12 tests that your doctors did are correct though. The typical B12 blood test is not considered reliable. See