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Blog entry posted by stridor, Apr 4, 2017.

I made many contributions over the nearly 30 years that I worked in psychiatry. My efforts were recognized by my managers and I was asked to return after retirement to run a project in a specially created "Consultant" role. I was a good employee.

For others who find themselves in the same situation, never give away your power. Hospitals are not people. They can not feel shame, nor can they feel compassion. On the other hand, the hospital can make a person feel all sorts of powerful negative emotions. Try to encapsulate how you feel - do not allow "them" to take away from your enjoyment or accomplishments.

Work to capacity and continue to do your best for your patients or customers, whoever they may be. The hospital tried to show me that it was powerful and that I was small... a liar and a malingerer.

Hold your head high. The work that I did on my last day was still being used as a template months later. I did not give up my power. I went to work and made the best of every day. I refused to hate. In the end, it is that hospital that looked small. And they still do...every day.
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I carried a heavy mercury burden for decades. I won the fight against Bipolar Disorder and am winning the fight against CFS and histamine issues. I did not escape unscathed however and will carry the scars of my exposure to mercury for the rest of my life. I share my story knowing that few walk my path. I hope however that some of the ideas and approaches that I used to emerge from the shadows 90+% recovered will be helpful to others. My life was salvaged by Dr Google and the kindness of strangers, just like you.