New year, End of Oregano, and Energy Adventure

Blog entry posted by CedarHome, Jan 3, 2019.

Tomorrow is last day for oregano.

All of this is giving me MAD RESPECT for plants. :tulip::globe:

Taking it for SIBO (round...5? 6? of treatment) but I suspect it is treating Lyme too.

Started slowly and took 2 weeks to increase to 6 caps/day. It has been kicking me to the CURB. :zippit:

It seem like I was working 24-30 hours a week , Before Oregano.

then I went down to basically 10/hrs or less. Couple weeks of maybe 1-4 hours/week just to nudge things along. Just slept a ton. Zombieland.

SIBO symptoms are improved, fingers crossed, not gone but better. :)

Should know results in about a month or so once breath test is done. Meantime back to low FODMAP / zero sugar/zero grain eating pattern. :balloons:


Someone recommended an.... alternative health practitioner. I looked at her website and could not figure out what in the heck she did. o_O And then I went anyway.

Basically this person uses subtle touch (aka MAGIC) to sense.... emotional blockages in the body, let's say.

And to encourage you to allow them to release. :fire::heart::balanced:

Hugely powerful session. I do not believe emotional stuff causes chronic illness of course.

But this session really helped me let go of some grief that got wound up into the "chronic over-doing it" that supported the slide into dysbiosis.
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