MAF 878 and the immune system

Blog entry posted by denlander, Feb 28, 2018.

MAF Macrophage Activating Factor was in the news about 3 years ago and then fell into disinterest when the British Department of Health ,the British equivalent of the FDA, closed the manufacturing facility because of sterility.. GearUp Pharma Inc, a US company then researched a method of producing macrophage activation using a specific mixture and ratio of probiotic, bacteria in the presence of colostrum. The product is called MAF 878. The MAF 878 canister is added to 80 ounces yoghurt or Agar solution if the patient is lactose intolerant. The mixture is stirred and allowed to mature at room temperature for 3 days stirring the mixture frequently. Do not cover the mixture with a firm closure as carbon dioxide is formed by the replicating probiotic. After 3 days the mixture is refrigerated and at least 75 ml ( approx 2.5 ounces) is taken orally each morning. Many patients have found MAF 878 helpful in stimulating the cellular immune system. Further details are found on MAF878.COM.

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Derek Enlander MD is a physician who has been active in researching and treating ME cfs for 30 years. He lives and practices in New York He is on the faculty of Mount Sinai Medical School and received a grnt of $1,000,000 to research ME CFS