Elemental diet flop

Blog entry posted by CedarHome, May 19, 2018.

Can't tolerate the high sugar content. I tried 3 scoops at once last night- big mistake even though I drank slowly over an hour as recommended.

This morning trying 1 scoop slowly. Not quite as vomitous but still raging sugar headache. This stuff is supposed to be nutritious?!

Here I have been trying to go low-carb, sugar free all these months...

Plan B is the dextrose free version that I didn't even know existed until after I ordered... a bunch of the "regular" kind.

(Insert photo here: Altar of unused supplements, piled to ceiling)
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  1. YippeeKi YOW !!
    "Plan B is the dextrose free version that I didn't even know existed until after I ordered ......"

    I'm not sure that maltodextrin is going to be any better. I'm putting in my vote for doing a homemade version and trying that. Both dextrose and maltodextrin have repeatedly nailed me to the floor. Usually of my bathroom.

    Good luck with this. It's a hellish problem, and I've never found anything that Drs rec'd or prescribed to be of any real help.
  2. CedarHome
    @Thinktank Yes, doing the dextrose-free version now. It's a little bit better. I'm still adding MCT oil -- to balance out the carbs-- which gave me terrible nausea until I started taking a pancreatic enzyme with each shake. Still have a sugar headache most of the time, it's disgusting. How long were you on elemental before?
  3. Thinktank
    Have you been abe to try the maltodextrin-version of the elemental diet?
    I want to start it again soon because my short trial with the elemental diet was the only thing that completely relieved my allergies / MCAS symptoms.
  4. CedarHome
    No, the dextrose free version has...maltodextrin instead of dextrose for the carb component. And only 60% carbs instead of 68%! Gag. It should arrive tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes.
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  5. Thinktank
    A dextrose free version of physician's elemental? I didn't know that existed. So then it's composed of amino's + MCT and vitamins only?

    I find the physician's elemental formula the best tolerable and least disgusting of all. You should try vivonex lol.

    I also have that feeling of having a sugar coma but the key is to sip the stuff extremely slowly, like one sip every few minutes. Adding extra MCT like you're already doing helps too.
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  6. CedarHome
    Physicians elemental. Dr. says this response is rare but does happen.

    I'm wondering if it makes sense to do "quasi" elemental for the next few days until the dextrose free version comes.... keep up with a reduced quantity of this stuff plus MCT and/or protein to balance out.

    okay, I've been trying to sip it all day.... feel on constant verge of sugar coma. This cannot be good. On to plan B- back to Actual Food until the Dextrose Free version arrives. I guess Homemade is Plan C.
  7. Thinktank
    Which formula did you take?
    I've tried many, the only ones i find tolerable are physicians' elemental diet by integrative therapeutics and elemental 028 by nutricia.
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