Detox / cleansing of parasites, bad bacteria

Blog entry posted by SickOfSickness, Mar 22, 2012.

I plan to start some of the recommended herbs in the thread at

Therron said "I was forever having trouble starting the methylation protocol until I cleared up my gut."

I have some reasons to believe my gut is above-average, particularly that I lack most symptoms. Based on my diet and occasional use of supplements as well. However I am sure (like most people) I have some kind of parasites, and that my liver and other parts need cleansing.

I am very hopeful that I could see a boost in energy if I really got rid of parasites. As always, I worry about side effects. It looks to be a difficult journey to really eradicate them, but I am hoping my gut is in better condition and I would have less side effects. I am not prepared for a real fight, but I think I could start weakening them and getting rid of easier ones. Starting drugs would be a lot scarier than herbs. There was discussion of ramping up the herbs so side effects were less.

Interesting - I read if you get your liver working better, then medications can be less effective for you. They are always so powerful with me.
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    I meant 'herb'. never said i could type. -Trif
  2. triffid113
    Hmm. I get all the side-effects listed for the drugs. But you know I have been taking vitains my hole life and some of the herbs will block clearance of specific drugs (which I never knew) so that can be a reason to be sensitive to drugs and not have anything to do with your liver.

    Let's see if I can find one of the better articles...
    oh - I forgot, I am not on my own pc so I don't have my files with me. However there are some good charts if you look up "P450 drug jerb interactions."