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Blog entry posted by sregan, Apr 23, 2013.

I've recently added Molybdenum and Boron right before bedtime and it is helping me sleep through the night. In the morning I'm taking Coral Calcium (power form with nothing else added) and Magnesium Glycinate.

I also wanted to note my adrenals seem to be bottoming out. I have been taking vitamin C to that effect and Pantethine and Sea Salt. But the Vitamin C really has an effect when I feel the tell-tale soreness in my lower back.

I probably also need to look into adding D3 but I think I have shy'd away from it is because I am not getting enough co-factors (K2, Boron, Zinc and Magnesium). D3 has been one of the few things besides B6 or P5P that promotes dreaming for me.

Other bedtime supps are E-complex from MRM, Beta Care-All and Fish Oil.
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12 years CFS, SMP is helping me.
  1. sregan
    I've taken molybenum at times and it's been hit or miss. Boron has always seemed to help when I've taken it. Spirulina has also helped a lot when my adrenals get tapped out. Similar to how Vitamin C helps but a little stronger. I don't take it anymore for the same reason I don't take Chlorella due to possible interactions with mercury.
  2. Lotus97
    I hope the supplements help your adrenals, but what I've found most useful is getting enough sleep (10-11 hours a night) and also limiting activities and sources of stress. Everyone is different as far as how much a person has to limit their activities, but for me that meant spending most of the day in bed. Since I had minimal social interactions, limiting sources of stress meant I stopped watching TV and movies, following politics, and reading fiction novels. Hopefully you won't have to take as drastic measures as I have had to take, but some people might.
  3. Lotus97
    Just curious, how do you know it's the boron and not the molybdenum that's helping you? And do you take any magnesium or calcium with your boron? The reason I ask is because boron is supposed to help absorption of calcium and magnesium. Also, did you start methylation again? Some people have said that that has helped them sleep.