Bizare crash - got the shakes

Blog entry posted by Seven (formerly lnester7), Mar 30, 2018.

When I first got sick w Cfs, I would crash and while I was going down, I would get trembles like Jessica does on Unrest. But I haven’t have that full on in a while.

I was sitting not tired or anything and I felt a liquid sensation in the left top brain, as if somebody was rubbing anesthesia cream on it. And I was like wow bizare seansation. Then I started to feel inflamed ( this case out of nowhere). I had to lay down. Then I lost consciousness but not fully and kept being wake up my the trembling ( ussually I am not concious this happens, my husband tells me about it).
That was very crazy ( to finally feel them). Anyways since they were present only at beginning does that mean I am getting better? Or Am I on acute stage again? Crap so many questions and nobody to answer them.
  1. 1gooddog
    I too have had the shakes. Trembles. After exertion.
  2. GreenLiz
    Hi -- I am now recovered from ME/CFS after 2 years. I got the shakes on one single time during this experience. My body started violently shaking, somewhat like "the chills" but with no fever. It accompanied that severe inflammation particularly in the chest. I returned to normal, and wasted time sitting in an ER. It was during the middle of my experience with it. It was different than arm trembles which I got for a period of 2 weeks.
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  3. Seven (formerly lnester7)
    I think they are not seizures and I know others get them too. When I got OI testing I got it provoqued so I know when I push myself too hard they happen. Vs they tried to provoke a siezure and ddint occurs. I think is called Myoclonal jerks or something like that
  4. Runner5
    Seizure maybe? Wow that's pretty extreme and scary.
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