Bacteria in ME/CFS patients

Blog entry posted by Pen2, Jun 21, 2017.

Hello all, I have had an infection with
Enterococcas, (not sure if that's spelled right) someone said that this is common for ME patients. Did I read this right? I have been on antibiotic I'm almost done but I don't feel any better.

I wonder since my Doc is checking to see if it's cleared a week from now.
I want to tell this to him.
If it's not gone, it so worries me cause it's such a nasty bacteria!

I would love some feedback. Maybe share with my doctor.

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Former Healthcare worker, cared for patients of all ages and their families. ME has now prevented me from doing this work. What it can't take away are my memories. Memories of helping people, memories of things I've done that brought me joy. Looking back doesn't have to stay sad. Memories are a gift to smile about. Sometimes for little while, we may need to mourn them. Then smile, hold on to them, remembering the good, letting go of the bad....easy? Not really....just good.
  1. 5150
    seems like a (large numbered) probiotic will help here., something like VSL #3... or Donna Gates' new one called Just Thrive, I believe.
  2. Daffodil
    I also have this and have been treating it for years. We cannot control the infection sometimes because we have inflammation.
  3. Gingergrrl
    Pen2, I would put your question re: these bacterias on the main board/forum b/c more people will see it and respond than here in the blog section. I don't actually know the answers myself.
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  4. Pen2
    Is entero. Bacteria common with ME/CFS patients? I don't feel better after taking the antibiotic. I'm also getting over a cold. I'm new to PR so I'm learning alot.