5 day water fast

Blog entry posted by svetoslav80, Aug 5, 2011.

I just finished my 5 day water fast. I'm now gradually feeding myself with fruits and fruit juices. I expected that this fast will improve my ulcer and worsen my infectious prostatitis (they say fasting weakens immune system). However things didn't go exactly like that - fasting improved my infectious prostatitis (almost no pains now),and maybe improved my uninflammatory prostatitis too (yes, I have two types of prostatitis). However for the first 3-4 days my stomach and oesophagus began to improve, but on the 5-th day they started to hurt a lot. I guess that's because of the toxins one excretes during fasting - they irritate the inflamed place. At the end my ulcer is much better too so I'm happy. The 5 day fast didn't have any influence on my chronic fatigue - it's still the same- not better, not worse. I stopped the fast because of the stomach and oesophageal pains, and feeling very nauseus on the 5-th day. If I'm able to heal my ulcers through diet, I will attempt another , longer fast. Say 10, 21 or why not 40 days (like Jesus Christ). And I hope to cure at least my infectious prostatitis with it.
  1. Ocean
    I also had an ulcer not caused by bacteria. It's horribly uncomfortable. Hope yours heals soon. It took mine quite a long time to heal.
  2. alex3619
    Fasting is safer if low calorie vegetable broth is consumed to maintain mineral balance and given just enough calories that the body preserves protein. In a fast, the thing you lose most is protein, at least until the body switches to fat burning. Initially that comes from the gut, so if prolonged it damages the ability to digest food. So it can have long term negative consequences. Most toxins are actually created by the fast itself, as the body eats itself. Keeping up fluids, plus eating vegetable broth, makes it much safer, but prolonged fasting is more likely to do you great harm. Regular short fasts are also much safer - like one day a week. Bye, Alex
  3. svetoslav80
    Sometimes it is caused by bacteria (Helicobacter pilori). However this is not my case.
  4. taniaaust1
    I thought ulcers had been found to be caused by a certain bacteria (an Australian scientific discovery) and that can be treated by treating the bacteria?
  5. svetoslav80
    And how could I forgot - my belly is now in half smaller.