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    Could A Lack Of Extensive And Unbiased ME/CFS Education And Research Place Limitations On The Ability Of Ethical Reviewers To Raise Appropriate Concerns? For many ME/CFS patients, advocates and medical professionals alike, the latest Graded Exercise Therapy trial will project a feeling of deja vu onto them. According to a summary, the trial which takes place at St Bart's...
    Stukindawski, Nov 21, 2012
  2. Stukindawski
    Following the release of the Lipkin study on XMRV we have witnessed a common distortion of facts about ME/CFS in the media. On this occasion, many publications took the news about 2 viral strains and translated it to mean 'every virus'. Inevitably such misinformation provided a bedrock for some badger baiting in the press. In this blog, I want to consider the wider effect this has on ME/CFS...
    Stukindawski, Oct 1, 2012