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    Hello again everyone, After some interesting and informative interactions at another forum, and upon the advice of several members there, I've decided not to continue sharing personally here (or there... I won't be sharing anywhere for a while), at least not for the short term. The following are my reasons: 1. Privacy. I've already revealed quite a bit of personal information. Now that I'm...
    KNXiaohe, Dec 16, 2013
  2. KNXiaohe
    Hello everyone :) In treating my illness, I acted independently with the help of a few doctors who were thankfully willing to work with me according to my own treatment philosophy, including a set of principles both negative and positive. These are my general negative principles: A. ME is a disease that causes dramatic physiological sensitivity, so I have approached all treatments...
    KNXiaohe, Dec 11, 2013