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    Treatment #6 [IMG] I promised I would tell the good, the bad and the ugly of this journey so today's post will have two out of the three Let me get the bad out of the way first, because the most amazing thing happened to me after my last treatment I'm bursting to tell you about it. First, let me set the stage. As my prior post indicated, I was expecting to feel the "bad" side effects...
    Kelvin Lord, Feb 11, 2010
  2. Kelvin Lord
    [IMG]Treatment #5 Today's infusion took longer than any prior, because they doubled my dose. As promised, my Ampligen quantity was upped from 200ml to 400ml, which veterans tell me is the "full dose." So as not to stress or shock the body with the increased chemical or the quantity of fluid going into my arm, Gwen reduced the drip rate to about 70 minutes in total. That was followed up with...
    Kelvin Lord, Feb 8, 2010
  3. Kelvin Lord
    Treatment #4 [IMG]Today's Ampligen infusion marked the fourth and last treatment at the 200ml "adjustment" or acclimation dosage. I'm now into a quaisi-routine, arriving at the clinic around 9:30AM every Monday and Thursday morning, and the procedure goes amazingly fast. In less than 3 minutes Gwen has me hooked up to the drip bag with "miracle drug" coursing through my pipes, followed by a...
    Kelvin Lord, Feb 4, 2010
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    Treatment #3 [IMG]Three down, scores more to go! Today as before, Gwen got the needle in quickly, and strapped me up to 200ml of Ampligen, this time pushed through in under 35 minutes. Today I followed that up with a saline infusion, recommended by many, and it seemed to actually give me a boost! So far, so good. Because so many have asked, Ill use this time to describe how I got here....
    Kelvin Lord, Feb 1, 2010
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    If this were only fiction, I'd be riveted. Like reading Chronicles of Narnia or watching some of the current Apocalyptic movies where the insidiousness of the enemy is so penetrating. Unfortunately, we know that this is non-fiction, and these letters are expressing the real battles we all face. Thanks for sharing them, Terri.
    Kelvin Lord, Jan 29, 2010
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    Treatment #2 [IMG] "In times of sickness the soul collects itself anew" Latin Proverb I arrived at the medical center this morning a little before 10:00AM with a slight headache , because of the drive, and because as a former-perfectionist, I hate to be late. My plan was to get there by 9:30AM but Baku, my cab driver from Senegal, was messing with his GPS and we didnt take the most direct...
    Kelvin Lord, Jan 28, 2010
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    Treatment #1 The adventure begins. I arrived at the Doctor's office a few minutes late because of bad planning on my part, so I was a little stressed to begin with. It took them about a minute to get me set up in a nice reclining chair in the "infusion room" and when Gwen took my routine vital signs (blood pressure, and pulse) she commented: "So, you're a little excited today, eh?"...
    Kelvin Lord, Jan 26, 2010