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    Over the last couple years in which I’ve made any consistent effort to participate on M.E/CFS related forums, I’ve often been criticised by other posters because my own criticism doesn’t (at least with an approved of frequency) encompass psychiatry. To be criticised for not criticising something that many other people are expending considerable energy on criticising , when no one who could...
    In Vitro Infidelium, Oct 9, 2012
  2. In Vitro Infidelium
    Audiences and an Activism Abyss [media] A logical progression from When PR means Public Relations part 1 would now involve a principled discussion of the target audience(s) that M.E/CFS representation needs to address, however given the current media position of M.E/CFS a purely principled consideration is redundant without also considering the pragmatic question of whether M.E/CFS...
    In Vitro Infidelium, Sep 19, 2011
  3. In Vitro Infidelium
    Madmen for M.E Ive written critically and at length, both on another blog and on the PR forums about what I see as the failings of M.E/CFS advocacy and about the attitudes that underwrite those failings. Not surprisingly other posters have complained that I dont offer what seem to them to be effective alternatives, my response to those complaints is, that if theres no agreement about what...
    In Vitro Infidelium, Sep 14, 2011