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    MAF Macrophage Activating Factor was in the news about 3 years ago and then fell into disinterest when the British Department of Health ,the British equivalent of the FDA, closed the manufacturing facility because of sterility.. GearUp Pharma Inc, a US company then researched a method of producing macrophage activation using a specific mixture and ratio of probiotic, bacteria in the presence...
    denlander, Feb 28, 2018
  2. denlander
    We have read the PACE trial report in the Lancet. The PACE study, GET / CBT idea ,is a repeat of the old theory that the ME/CFS patient is imagining that they are sick. Exercise and psychological consultation will make them better. The PACE study is flawed. The only waty to combat PACE is to intitute a careful research project showing the ineffectiveness of GET/CBT. I urge the various...
    denlander, Apr 29, 2011