A very very unusual probiotic mixture that is just coming on to the market

In general, I prefer single species or single strain probiotics that has studies on PubMed. On occasion, a probiotic mixture makes it to my “second line probiotics to try”. There is a new pair on the market (one for men, one for women) that passes the bar.
What is my bar?
  • All of the strains are human sourced
  • A majority of strains have published studies showing benefits
  • Reasonable cost
This is a new company whose probiotics are available for PRE-ORDER for $49.99/month with a 30 day guarantee (I believe this is a money back if no change)
Considering this is ~100 BCFU/day, the cost is very reasonable.

Female Version
Note that the country of origin is included in the strain designation.
Male Version
Bottom Line
This from a technical perspective, beats the pants off the typical health-food store probiotic mixture.
I grabbed one of the above strains (B. lactis SD-MB2409-IT) and did a little digging:
The origin of some of these strains appear to be bart.pl, they have a very information list of their strains to research studies PDF that can be downloaded here.


I preordered this after extensive research on their process and a couple calls and emails for COA. It's an exciting product and I can't wait to try it.
Thank you for posting! I just went to the website. I am extremely interested in this stuff. I have had to have severe gastrointestinal problems since 2015 after my immune system go schellacked (we won't talk about that Costo trip:eek:) but after a year of a strict regimen of four different kinds. I did get better. Not 100% but better. I used Pro 15, Saccharomyces boulardii, reuteri, and Lactoprime Plus. I don't take the Lactoprime Plus everyday anymore (it is expensive) just when I feel I need a little extra something. I have hope.

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