yay summer which means... back to sibo treatment

Spring was an upswing because I was finally free of SIBO symptoms after 2+ years and "I refuse to keep track of how many" rounds of treatment. (mostly herbal).

So fun! I started to eat... raw cabbage again (coleslaw). I was able to work... maybe 30 hours/week (and that is a healthy metric?!) :cautious:

I was able to start riding my bike short distances, walk more frequently. :balloons::star::bow:

I EVEN made a very long delayed trip to visit my family (which required stopping at natural foods grocery once I got there and buying food to cook that I could eat that weekend.) I got to see my mother for her 70th birthday. :cake:
(And then had 3 crash days on the other side.)

So after a month or two of this fun... SIBO symptoms reappeared. :grumpy:
Because of course they did.

So now I'm trying to take the long holiday weekend to get back on track with herbal supplements and they are knocking me out.

Allicin. Berberine. Bismuth.

I sleep and sleep and sleep and when I'm awake, completely incapacitated by inflammation and fatigue. :xpem:

New things: trying new "lymph support" homeopathy drops. Are they helping? Who can tell.

ND said try "REBOUNDING" which apparently means Mini Trampoline- again for lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic drainage professional I see snorts at that :yuck: and shows me how to do self lymph massage instead.

I GUESS that I must have the detox capacity of a pinhole and there are gallons and gallons of crud trying to move through.

I SHOULD be going to the sauna place, just, too tired.

How to cope: Thank god I have my own bed (for all the restless nights so Breadwinner can sleep.) Thank god I can read. Thank god I have a mostly low key job that seems okay with me showing up intermittently. I live in a beautiful place and there are TREES and BIRDS outside the window. Friends, that would be nice but I've about driven them away because they are TOO TIRING. They want to GO PLACES and DO THINGS. :sleep:

It's hard to keep friendships when you are still, 2+ years later, too tired to talk to them or visit them or do anything with them.

That was the rant. Post #2 will be about visceral manipulation.


Were you on any prokinetics after the sibo treatment to keep the sibo from coming back? Also, the thing i see most sibo docs recommending is low fodmap diet for months after the treatment, as well, I've seen a number of such docs warn against having any supplements that have prebiotics as one of the primary ingredients in the supplements being taken as prebiotics can cause relapses.
Pro kinetics yes. Low fodmap... well, I got so excited. Coleslaw! After so many months and years of low fodmap vegetables. So probably need to return to lower fodmap for a while longer. Also going back on allicin, berberine & bismuth (biofilm buster)- low doses.
I also read a thing by Dr. Ruscio which said basically Don't Panic if you have SIBO like symptoms recurring. They may not be SIBO. Simplify/ clean up what you're eating and be patient.

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