XMRV test now or later?

This XMRV has blown a hole in everyone's psyche, no matter where they are on the disease path. I am being extremely disciplined with myself and will wait for an FDA-approved test and if I can, I'll wait for a finding of causation. But I'm riding the same roller coaster. Your words are very eloquent.

Get some sleep, dearheart.



Everything I've heard about XMRV makes sense to me, it being found in MS Autism Fibro and CFS fits my family story.

I want the test yesterday, however I don't know that my Doc would do anything about it.

I would have to borrow the money and then if I test positive, I would be worrying about my girls, and granddaughter.

I really do have to wait, because if a knew I had it and nothing was being done for my girls, I might just flip.

Thanks for helping me to think things through Katie.

Whatever you do we will all be rooting for you.

TC & hugs@ya
If it feels right it probably is :) Good luck!!!

Katie - I also want to send you a belated congrats for NANOWRIMO! I started...ho hum - but XMRV-buzz, plus my husband having to go o'seas for work at short notice...all got in the way! Maybe next year? :)
Good for you, getting it done. That's no small deal!

flybro same as you I worry for my kids and feel there needs to be a standardised test (that they can take too) before I can "go there" and find out one way or another. I would find the "in between" too difficult (torturous probably)...

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