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It has been another three days on Paleo since I last wrote. These have actually been a hard three days, but for some very interesting reasons. I am learning a lot in these last three days, things that I think had always been obscured from me before by a body that ran on carbohydrates for fuel instead of proteins and fats.

Two days ago on day nine, I woke up feeling absolutely great. Had somehow slept for 12 hours straight and were it not for some annoying logging in the distance I likely would have slept another hour or two at least. Was just what I needed. Felt like my body had taken that next step in switching over to what it burnt for fuel and was humming along nicely.

I was feeling energetic and alive. My brain fog was noticeably less and it felt like just out of the corner of my eye I kept catching glances of what it would be like to have no fog at all. That little glimpse you catch of something that is mythical and mysterious but no matter how quick you are to turn and look you always just missed it. But I knew it was there and almost tangible.

As I was thinking of all the things to do that day with my new found energy, fate stepped in and said it wasnt time yet for feeling this good.

<img src="http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/9465/extremesports1fullsize.jpg" alt="dolphin jockey" />
<strong>Something I was considering doing that morning.</strong>

We have a neighbor who isnt much of a problem for us and our illness, other than a yipping dog some mornings before seven and losing us needed sleep. She doesnt have a yard and garden that gets weed killer or bug spray applied every few weeks, doesnt paint her house every year or any number of things that could happen in an average neighborhood.

What we think she does do however, is occasionally toss some sort of solvent she has used into the woods instead of disposing of it properly. Worse yet, we are typically downwind of such activities.

As it so happened, Wednesday morning would be a day this would again occur.

While munching my scrambled eggs with a variety of veggies, I began to smell the dreaded odor. Near as I can describe it, it has always smelled a lot like Simple Green to me, or rather what I remember Simple Green to have smelled like before I steered very clear of such substances. It is cloyingly sweet and sticks to the back of your throat, leaving an odd fake pine and mint taste to the air.

And so in the space of half a hour I went from feeling splendidly on top of the world to being swamped by toxic fumes and a body that felt anything but well. Yesterday and today the fumes have decreased to an almost undetectable level but it will take a few more days at least for my body to recover from the tremendous blow.

Oddly enough, this is where the interesting part comes in.

This new diet is apparently effecting how my body reacts to such chemical exposures. For years it has been running one program of what to do when hit by an overload of something toxic. I am very familiar with how the MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) feels to me at this point but this time things have been just a bit different.

Near as I can tell, the lack of easy carbohydrates to burn is changing how my body can react. I am hoping this is a very good thing because the stuck groove my body has been operating in these last eight years just isnt working out for me. It would seem like any change would almost have to be a good change. I never knew just how much what my body did in these situations depended on me supplying some form of easy to burn fuel.

I also never knew just how badly my body starts running at a core level when dealing with a large MCS problem. After feeling how it was humming along that morning just before the fumes started descending upon us, I can feel the huge change that has occurred. It is amazing and very interesting to me to not only feel the symptoms I am used to and feel like periphery items, but to also now pinpoint a few very core things that go wrong as well. Its almost a relief to actually feel something much deeper being wrong than just having a laundry list of things that reduce functionality.

As for having felt like my body finally figured out what the Paleo diet was about and adjusted to burning the proteins/fats instead of carbohydrates that lasted only about as long as the rest of that great part of the morning did. Ive been back to feeling like an engine coughing and stalling out these last three days.

However, I have still been sleeping deeper and I think more restfully the last two nights. I am hoping this will be a continued improvement from the diet as I have also read others mentioning sleeping better too.

<img src="http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/4436/35219903650875150f50.jpg" alt="sleeping puppy" />
<strong>Me sleeping much better the last three nights.</strong>

It is very frustrating to go from feeling so very good to feeling completely lousy in such an incredibly short amount of time. There is no way to predict when something outside my controlled environment will push its way in and start going on a rampage. Words really can not describe these feelings of helplessness to the whims of someone else, such as a normally unobtrusive neighbor, and never knowing if you can trust that one moment you feel good as being real or transitory.

It is hard not to rail against the fortunes that let me have an hour long sample of how good I could feel before plunging me into a world of pain, increased fog, greater fatigue, nausea, headache, faintness, volatile emotions, restlessness, and difficulty breathing.

During toxic times like this, I often I find myself repeating Tomorrow will be a better day. I do believe it will be so.


The diet dose sound like its helping, MCS is so hard to live with, no matter how careful you are.

Depending on waht part of the globe you are on, where I am it might be your 2moro.

I've just looked out of the window, and its a much much better day to day.

So you were right, tomorrow is a better day.

I look forward to your next update, and yes one of the reasons I look forward to is beause I love the pix.

Goodluck and gallons of mountain fresh air to you and your man.
hehe, thanks Flybro! :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the updates and pictures. I have a lot of fun looking around on the net for things to color up what I am saying. :)

Have a beautiful day! Lisa :)
I enjoyed this - and I like the pictures, too, well chosen.

Sorry you had such a discouraging slide into the pit after having such a beautiful upsurging. But interesting that your body responded differently on the Paleo diet. Hope today is going better for you
Thank you Sunday! :)

I am doing a small bit better today. Feels like I'm getting the hang of the diet again, at least now and then. lol Tomorrow will again be better, of that I am sure! :)

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