Writer, Artist & Editor Terri Windling Blogs on the 'Murky Territory' of Illness

And now for something (slightly) different and absolutely artistic ...

Well known published Author, Writer, Artist & Editor Terri Windling, from Arizona and currently residing in Devon, UK, is an established blogger whose website is choc full of her delightful, unique illustrations and regular musings on the artists' world and the creative process and which have gained an increasing number of followers month on month from around the globe.

This week she has been gingerly contemplating her experience of chronic illness, a pursuit she refers to as 'Murky Territory', and although she does not have ME, I thought many here might find her experiences familiar yet also uplifting and presented in a novel way (scuse pun)!

Her illustrations, (tho not featured in this particular blog), are dotted throughout the rest of her site and showcase her unique and charming style.


Secondly, for the creative among you and definitely for all comic book/graphic novel fans, she also references a number of other creative blogs, my favourite of which is 'John Barleycorn Must Die:The End of the Reign of the Sky Gods':


.. which I am unashamedly recommending, firstly because it is entirely unconnected with illness and has therefore given me a much needed lift in spirit and a laugh of late, during these trying times. And secondly, because Rex is my good and highly talented friend whose witty banter, unique writing style, original fabulous pen & ink drawings and vision, have set the tone and form the backdrop to this fabulous new site!

In a collaborative venture, with co writer and friend, dramatist Howard Gayton, the 2 guys navigate the inspiring, breathtaking, at times addictive & maddening, yet ultimately rewarding and distinctly otherworldly path of creating comic art.


Thanks for the link, PictureofHealth.

Terry Windling has a way with words, to be sure, and she's a gifted illustrator.

I love the Carl Larsson illustrations she's included in her blog. I came across his illustrations many years ago & I enjoyed seeing the ones Terry has reproduced.

Since she's mentioned Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue by name, I might suggest that she has FM (herself).

Most people (including me) have never heard of FM (although we've all heard of inflammatory conditions like arthritis of course).

I came across the term in Feb 2004 when I was researching chronic pain & then again in May 2006 when I was finally diagnosed. I had certainly never heard of it before.
Thanks Victoria. Yes she has a unique and charming style of painting, in fact she is multi talented in several artistic fields! I really enjoy reading her blog and those of my friends because for the most part they are a world away from ME & illness (just this week's that is the exception I think), and that is such a welcome relief sometimes! I also admire anyone who can illustrate like Rex - and he loves drawing!
Uh, I do have a computer, I do know how to use a search engine.

Sorry, p-o-h, to make you look up the definition of "Mythic Arts." Precious energy lost.

I wonder how "Mythic Arts" overlaps with fantasy. Must be a subset of fantasy as a genre. I am talking to myself. No need to respond.
Terri Windling also links directly from her blog to an article entitled "The Spoon Theory of Illness", in which Christine Miserandino, a woman who has Lupus, explains, to a close friend, what its like trying to live with the limiting energy of a chronic illness and how to manage those finite resources.


Although many of the considerations of living with Lupus could be said to be very different to those of living with ME, "The Spoon Theory .." is a brilliant analogy of how we try to manage ourselves from day to day, with very limited energy reserves, and would be a v useful resource for family and friends.

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