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Hi All,

I am new to this Forum and so glad to find others with CFS to talk to. I am 46 (birthday yesterday) and have had this for 21 years. About a year ago I went into a bad downward spiral and have not made much headway since.

I believe that I am going through peri-menopause and that has kick started all of the CFS symptoms into overdrive. So I am house bound and bed ridden once again which as you know is our worst nightmare come true. :In bed:

I have not gone to an MD and gotten any recent blood work done as they never helped me anyway. I have been seeing a naturopath / acupuncturist for the last 10 months but I have not really gotten anywhere. Well I did get better for two months when I took licorice, but it has stopped working or worn off or something.

Right now I have a low grade fever and diarrhea (which is new). I have been gluten free for 10-11 months now and I went on a slight chocolate binge by eating Coconut Bliss ice cream bars. So I think the chocolate killed my poor adrenals and I have not recovered since. Has anyone else had a crash due to agave syrup and chocolate. The bars said they were Gluten Free but who knows really??

I could use some words of encouragement as the fear and anxiety of being this sick again is freaking me out!! I know I need to stop worrying but I can't seem to turn it off. Any suggestions on how to stop the vicious loop of worry and anxiety??

Well thanks for letting me vent it feels good to be able to talk about things with people who understand! I wish all of you to get well along with me :)



P, I hope things stabilize for you soon, and that activity can be closer to normal.

I don't know if it will help, I've posted a blog about food shipments for people who need it. Having enough food in the house is my own #1 anxiety issue. It's called "if you're stranded" blog.


I've started a thread about anxiety and placed it in the section: "Lifestyle and management" because I have the same worry as you. Might wanna check it out, helping me getting it started. ;)
hope love light,

Almost 3 years ago I went into perimenopause. I felt like a switch had been turned off. I was 37. I couldn't believe I was in it because I was so young, but my mom was 41 and done with periods. I am following in her shoes. I stopped sleeping, I lost a ton of weight and my adrenals tanked. My sex drive was gone. You are not alone.

I am now 40. What helped me at the time because I was a mess....with a capital M...was progesterone cream. It helped me to sleep and brought my periods back to regularity. Then my adrenals let up some because the one hormone was balancing out the rest. I was always weepy though and depressed. My CFS was through the roof. My adrenals are finally doing better, but it took some time and a lot of patience. There were times where I was suicidal or I have thoughts of wanting to let go. I was in a bad bad place.

I did not fair well on estrogen, plant based or synthetic.

I am still in perimenopause but things are better.

I also eat lots of chocolate and tank out my adrenals too and it doesn't matter if it's agave or not...it's still sugar! Honey is pure sugar and agave is similar. They try to make it seem not as bad...it is. My adrenals have gone under lately due to eating a ton of chocolate and gluten free desserts. My candida is in full bloom, etc. It's best to not eat as much sugar during this time. Your system is down due to perimeno and sugar will make it worse. Eat more protein and veggies.

Also, magnesium spray helped to calm me and sleep. Liquid form that you spray on you. Ancient Minerals is the brand.

PS) I love coconut bliss! Totally fattening and delicious.

Hang in there and you 're not alone....been there, but better ; )
Hi Spitfire,

I am so glad to hear that you are doing better that gives me HOPE and I really need that right now. I am also in a bad place and feel very defeated at times.

I am going to talk to my naturopath about the hormones and progest cream. I will also look into the spray magnesium. I have not heard of that before but as you know when we are sick we will try almost anything... to get even a 10% improvement would be great.

I am so glad to have found this forum and I am glad you are doing better... sounds like your peri-menopause should almost be over soon based on your mom's experience. I to look forward to the day when I am done I have one year under my belt. Well I think its two years actually as that is when my periods changed and became more frequent. It's been one year of CFS back in full force.

Anyway thanks for the inspiration and the HOPE, everyone on this forum has been so nice!
Hey HopeLoveLight, I'm having the same type problems, although I am younger than you (not 30 yet) but with ME/CFS who knows what is going on with my hormones. Spitfire, your experience sounds like what I am going through.
I really need to get my hormones tested but don't know the best way to go about it.....every specialist I have tried to get in to see has a 3 month waiting list (one was 5 months!) and first you have to get a referral.......grrh! And forget trying to get a friggin appt with a Gyno....again, 3 month wait list....many only see pregnant woman.
About 10 days before my periods my emotions spin out of control, my ME/CFS gets 1000x worse, and then about 4 days before I get so exhausted I am sometimes only able to open my eyes for 4 hours a day.I feel like I am drugged. I'm in bed, like all day, half asleep, but then can't really fall asleep toatally. I KNOW something is happening with my hormones and would like to try progesterone cream but don't want to take it without first finding out if low progesterone is the problem.
What idiot ever wrote that song "I enjoy being a girl"......?!?!?! : )
The best test is the saliva test that you do for 28 days. It's only done on certain days of the month. They can also determine where you are at, I believe, every 3rd day of your cycle, the 14th day and I think the 28th day. I had high levels of FSH which means I am heading into meno. BUT, I am still getting my period so I am not into it yet. It opens the floodgates of hell in those with bad CFS. My girl pal who is "normal" went into early menopause and is having all kinds of symptoms and she doesn't have CFS. Her body aches all over and she can't sleep. The estrogen they gave her is making her sleep worse.

Regular gyns determined what was going on with me. due to my mom's experience and blood work. If you go to a CFS specialist, they should be able to give the Great Smokie's test or Doctors Data. You spit into tubes.

Calcium is a calming supplement and can help with anxiety along with the progesterone and magnesium. I also took milk thistle and still do around the time of my period and DIM. Look up DIM. It helps the liver convert estrogen over instead of allowing a build up. The biggest thing that has helped me though are the shots I have been writing about. Peptide shots. That has helped me the most.
Thanks Spitfire, that info is helpful.
Is the Progesterone cream you can buy OTC that is made from wild yams (like Pro-Gest by Emerita) as good as the stuff you have to buy that is compounded? I have read about DIM, I actually forgot about it thought. It seems pretty safe.....? Can't find any real drug interactions. I'm just sick of buying stuff that doesn't help! :( I keep waking up wide awake sweating and then waking up cold and then sweating again in my sleep. Ahh! I feel like I'm already in menopause. I guess I could already be in perimenopause, the extreme physical stress my body has been through because of ME/CFS could have toally messed up my hormones. Either that or it is PMS from Hell. I'd like to send it back.
Those with immune problems tend to go into meno early or perimeno. I have heard that a lot. I don't buy progesterone that is compounded. Emerita is fine. The milk thistle can help but definitely try the DIM. If you have flax seeds, try eating more. That helps with the conversion of estrogen and balances out hormones.

Seriously, the progesterone should help. I have had PMS from hell. Try these suggestions and maybe they will help!
Thanks Spitfire, I will....I plan to tell my new doctor all about this. He's a guy but maybe he'll have some understanding LOL. DIM sounds like something I could definitely give a go. I wish it didn't take so long to get in to see specialists!
Oh, P.S. Is DIM something you took every day? Or like the 14 days before your cycle?
HopeLoveLight, I'm really sorry for taking over your blog!
DIM can be taken every day but I take it like the week before my period. But, if you are really bad...take it 2 weeks before. I take it twice a day. It's really good for your liver in that it clears out the estrogen and converts it into good estrogen instead of the estrogen that makes you bonkers!

A couple of years ago, my gyn wanted me to take it every day...so...I feel that it's harmless. I would react to everything and this I didn't react to. It smells like broccoli!

Thanks for responding to my post and I too have trouble staying awake. It is now 4 days before my period is due and I am so dizzy I can't stand up without swaying. I have been bed ridden pretty much since my last period knocked me on my butt.

Being a girl is tough and I pray that when peri is over that we all feel a whole lot better!!!

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