Work and the Passing out issue

Sooooo, I am doing great, more energy, participating at family live more.

But I am passing / balcking out a lot. I get those bouts and then they go away, I have been hydrating properly so not sure what boguht this on. Is very inconvinient because work requieres to call an ambulance if someone passes out. So I hide it. Is quite comical actually. I blacked out in front of a few people and like is so slow (most of the time) I can kinda position myself with the head on the table and they had a whole conversation with me while I was kinda gone. I am becoming a professional at hiding my imperfections and weired symptoms.My eye pain has Increased. Is getting really painful specially the left eye (kinda in the back and when I look up).

Another one is the rolling of the eyes, I am working reading something to somebody then my eyes kinda turn or move really fast from side to side. Is like a head earthquake, then I get disorianted but I have to keep talking and behaving normal. Very bizzare!! I am sitll waiting on my EEG results.

But overall my energy levels are awsome and I feel getting better.

I am schedule to test for food allergies soon also.

Sorry for all the typos. Englis is My second lenguage and for some reason the correction thing is not on?!?!?!?!
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I have no clue. Any suggestions??? They do it in the back I think, somebody told me about FOOD Stats and I did mentioned to Dr, But still not sure what she will use.

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