Wight Here, Wight Now

(An exercise in Satire - easier to read if you say it out loud.)

Cwonic fateeg patients are cwazy coz deyz don't have nuffin wrong with them, dey cannot show deyz are sick.

Dem chemikal nutters are cwazy coz deyz tink chemikals corz illness. Dey got no idea! Aint no chemikals awound most of dem, deyz just made it all up.

So psychiatwists must be madder coz dey beleve in hystewia and perversun, ahh, conversun dis order (why not dat order?) and others like funktional syndwomes.

So if psychiatwists are mad, den wez can't trust no damn psychiatwists. Deyz all cwazy.

If psychiatwists are cwazy, den docs must be cwazy too, coz deyz let em pwactice medicin. Not many are scweamin about it. So docs are mad as old hatters too.

If docs are all cwazy, den isn't medicin also cwazy? And so the scientwists who shooda been scweamin this was all wong must be cwazy too.

If psychiatwists and docs and scientwists are all cwazy, and the govment did nuffin about it, aint the govment cwazy too?

Since the media not weportin on any of dis stuff, dey must be cwazy as well.

Worst of allz, we votz for demz cwazy govment.

Wez allz cwazies.

Ders only one anser. Wez all in Wonderland, wight here, wight now.


This was a spur of the moment detour, something I couldn't resist. There might be one other detour coming before I get to the next three planned blogs. That detour is about something that might tie MCS and ME together with a big bright bow, but I have to do some more reading first. In particular there is a published thesis that looks at several connected issues in gut immunology.

Otherwise my next blog is a review of Skewed, followed by a sequel to an old blog on Zombie Science, and finishes with a blog on information monopolies.
Yes, thanks for the laughs!

Either Wonderland, wight here, wight now, or definitely Through the Looking Glass!!
In researching my latest series of blogs I went searching for information. On one of my searches, this blog came up number two out of hundreds. Amusing. This was due to my comment, not the blog itself.

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