Why I've vanished

Sorry about vanishing!

I realized that I needed to rest more than I had been. The effort of writing these blog posts became something that I couldn't do for a while. I've been spending the time learning to rest better, tracking down food reactions, and other things.

At the moment I'm encouraged by my progress. My last crash was in September, and even that one wasn't bad. For the last few days, my HRV numbers have been pretty consistent, and I'm noticing that my heart rate is less reactive to activity. This is what I've been after!

I don't know how long it will be before I have the spare energy to make posts here. I hope it will be soon!


Damn. The "Quote" feature isn't working for me. Again ....

I don't know how long it will be before I have the spare
energy to make posts here. I hope it will be soon!

We'll look forward to it, and hope that your healing is swift and deep, and allows you all the freedoms that its absence removed :thumbsup::thumbsup: !!!!
Nice to hear you think some progress occurred.

I've been doing better since a big low point in September myself.

My husband sort of got it the other day, when I pointed that out and said- this is probably mostly because I've just stayed home every day and done nothing.

He wants me to come with more often when he goes out to drive around, something I simply no longer enjoy, And the time of day he leaves is when I' am really giving it up. Throwing in the towel, as they say.

But I tire myself all the time cognitively and that really the hardest thing to give up in my case.

Wanting to ponder something.

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