Why is fluoride, an know poison, in many cities drinking water?

Fluoride, which has never been FDA approved is in many cities drinking water and has been in most toothpastes since the 1950's. This should be alarming to most, since Nazi Germany first used it upon its citizens and later it was used in many rat poisons. This is one more toxin that many of us have to be concerned about. Unfortunately, fluoride was grandfathered in and many of us are stuck with it. My own town's water commission states that the citizens voted it in. Does that make it right to poison all of us? The excuse used it that it is for children's teeth, but studies prove the opposite and to be effective in this regard, fluoride has to be placed topically on the teeth, not ingested.

The following warning is on the back of fluoride containing toothpastes: "Warning keep out of reach of children under six year of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away. Active ingredient sodium fluoride 0.24%."

Each year thousands of calls are made to poison control center related to fluoride ingestion. There is enough fluoride in a normal size tube of toothpaste to kill a child under 9 years of age.

Fluoride in the 1940's was classified as a poison but it was needed for the war effort to make nuclear weapons. Did it all of a sudden mutate to a harmless element? Fluoride is :(also a by-product of the aluminum industry. Now, the unsuspecting public is paying for its elimination in more ways than one. :(


I had heard it was dangerous over the years, but I was always more concerned with the chlorine they put in our drinking water. There are so many poisonous things we are subjected to every day.
Yes, many contaminants can be in water such as cadium. Some water filter system can remove some of them, but fluoride is more difficult to remove and requires more expensive equipment. We drink non-fluroridated bottle water, but one receives more fluoride in taking a shower than from drinking water. It's a real problem.

The following link has some good info: http://www.fluoridealert.org/absurdity.htm
yeah, I also recently found out about fluoride. i only use toothpaste without fluoride since then. you should also look up aspartam , which is in almost every bubble gum. its also toxic.
by the way: here in germany there are even some toothpaste ads which say: MORE fluoride in it , for a better tooth protection. isnt that crazy? and people even buy it therefore. the industry is probably laughing hard at their customers.
I lived in your beautiful country for 2 years in Wilerbach, really loved the wine!

Here, we have the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, which is supposed to look after us, the key word here, "supposed." They have way too many ties to the drug industry and to lobbists in Washington.

With the world we live in today, is if any wonder that the cancer rates are so very high and that most do not live to see 100? I like this saying, man does not die, he kills himself.
Good post Noreen!

Flouride is one of the most stupid things governments have ever added to our living environment. A few years ago I lived in a small mountain town for about 8 months, and they had unflouridated, natural mountain water. My CFS symptoms all improved slowly while I was there, I did not know why. Then I moved to a 'regular' city which has flouridated water, and now that improvement has reversed and I am almost back like I was before. So now I am getting a flouride filter for my water, see if this was in fact the flouride.
Yes -- great post Noreen -- thanks for bringing this up.

By some strange coincidence I came across an ancient email correspondence a couple days ago (from 2006!) from a guy who recovered (90%) by avoiding all fluoride sources, and high-fluoride foods and drinks (almost all juices, all black and green tea, raisins, etc..), plus started taking selenium and other minerals.

Have since read how fluoride screws up not only thyroid function, but the pineal gland, the kidneys, etc..

Kurt -- very interesting story. Have you seen this interview? I encourage everyone to check it out:


Dannybex, that was an interesting interview you linked to. Fortunately, the woman interviewed ended up with the nutritional expertise to figure out her problem. I never knew that fluoride is in tea before -that's interesting. I use a water filter and have one of these under-the-sink water filtration systems but I doubt that it removes the fluoride from water. I wonder how one could get rid of it? It's pretty scary what too much fluoride can do to your bones -very disconcerting! I'll have to look into this more.

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