Which treatment works better??? Gcmaf or Valcyte Please give me your opinion please???

I am considering one of these treatments.....please help....Valcyte or Gcmaf from Dr Kenny Del Meir??? I am extremely sensitive to everything...have alot of pain?? I have had beast cancer, shingles which was due to the ME...have hsv, hhv6, hp pylori, and ebv??? Any advice would help....I really don't know what to do....the doctor for valcyte is in Michigan???
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depends whats going on. with the herpes virus then valcyte is an option. GcMAF could help a low functioning immune system which we all have. Is there a reason why u cant take both?I still think the immune system isnt strong enough on its own as most of the time the infections have gone to deep so need specific treatments for them like certain antivirals and or antibiotics, these i would start first and then add MAF later. But just my opinion.
Thanks for your response....yes my cmv is very high....I forgot to add that to my conditions??? My hhv6 is not that high yet?? CMV is 168

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