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where I am at in my treatment

I have Chylmydia pneumonia (tested very high). I also had a tick bite with a red circle many years ago. I just remembered 25 years later after reading somebody's else post on lyme.

Anyways, I have tried the CAP protocol in the past. It helped me improve somewhat, but more importantly looking back it allowed me to tolerate NAC and also OSR#1. These supplements ahd all kinds of strange side effects; including burning pains in feet at night. BUT the NAC and OSR#1 also helped increase my glutathione I believe. I went off the ABX after a year, and then got even better with just Freddd's protocol. Then I got even better when adding zinc.

Then I crashed 6 months ago I guess. About the same time I added EDTA. not SURE if the EDTA caused my crash, but it was around that time I added EDTA. I have other hassles and struggles going on in my life that added to my stress too during that time.

I went about my crashed way and picked myself up again. This time I started adding chelators. Horsetail, cilantro. I could feel the metals coming out a times (I am high in lead).

So now I am doing this biofilm protocol. with kirkland labs "interfase" enzymes and "ther-biotic" probiotics. Now about this time I can no longer tolerate my horsetail or cilantro, and I have liver pain. What I am callling liver pain is like severe constipation, stomach bloating, extreme fatigue, no appetite, can't really digest anything.

After feeling some bladder issues along with something going on in my lungs, gum infections, I figures it was an emergency time to get on ABX. (I had some left over antibiotics and started taking those). I now feel my liver problems going away and things improving. I see my doc soon and will talk to him about it.

However, while taking the ABX and remembering my ability to tolerate OSR#1 while on ABX. I started taking the OSR#1 again to see if my docs hypothesis is correct that the ABX allows me to absorb the sulfur from OSR#1. Seems like I can tolerate it a bit better while taking the ABX.

So I am wondering if I should go ahead and get on the ABX for a few months and get my glutathione elevated (thru the use of ABX + OSR)? I'll discuss with my Doc soon.

Also, I have a strong feeling that I can not absorb nutirents from food, or even vitamins. somehow that seems to be part of my problem is just getting the dang nutrients in to help heal myself. I'll ask my doc about that, but feel it just comes with the territory. Maybe I'll try to do some juicing.

Apples are in season, I think I'll go buy some fresh organic apples! (while I can still afford it)

Dang this is not easy!


Thanks Mark - on a scale of 1-10 what would you say your functional level is now?

Are you still doing Freddds protocol?
That a good question. Before I thought I might have made it to a 4-5 physically. But now I'm just like 2-3 physically. I had some good improvement mentally before too, but have slipped there as well. kind of back to square one, but not completely bedbound again.

I have a protocol of vitamins I take based on Freddd's protocol. I call it freddd's protocol because I give him credit for all the work helping others. FOr the right type of person, and If done correctly, it can help. I think the key is going real slowly, especially detoxing metals. TAKE IT SLOW

Lead, boosting glutathione, and infections. those are all very real for my health picture.
Let me add here, I still belive in messed up DNA that doesn't allow my Body to clear these infections.

I'm not ready to drink the coolaid about there being no retrovirus.

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