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When is a headache just a headache? COVID day 16

Head hurts. Sinus feels very congested - this is building juat as the covid congestion is finally closer to resolving. I do t even know how to think about this. I suppose could even be my recurrent virus returning. Better not be covid returning! . Sinus infection. All i know is feel uncomfortable yet again.


hey vision, your suffering sadly seams to continue. i hope this is over soon! 🍀

i also had congestion in the nose area accompanied with a very very bad head pressure. i thought i was dying, it was only one bad day and only a few hours.
couldnt not think.. could not even find phone number of my doc in my phone. thought i would loose consiousness.
corona seams to be wandering through the body.
for me it started with
1. a week nausea and problems eating
2. chills a few days
3. chills + fever
4 . high HR + weird BP
5. congestion , head pressure
6. loss of smell
for me.

did you try some mouth washing with antiviral things? like zink sulfate? or colloidal silver? or any other poisson?
some report relief and faster healing of covid doing so.

also flushing your nose with (sterile! cooked and cooled off) salt water can help with the nose and sinus.
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@linusbert been rinsing mouth with hydrogen peroxide and gargling with zinc which also coats my mouth. I do not do too well with salt water so only very occasionally will rinse lower part of nose with it.

Sometimes i feel ok even thonall systems not back to normal) other times too unconfortable. I may have given myself a bacterial sinus infection because of my own olfactory training program - the samopkes lije coffee grounds and choc choc chips had been out of the fridge for a few days before i kept sticking my nose ibto plstic containers with them

Mostly i just want to sleep and eat so guess i will have to go with that for now. I wont take antiobioti unless i get fever again or very congested again

Sounds like we had many of the same symptons tho yours were over faster. I i wonder if i have microclots now.

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