When Immunity Is Down

I've caught my first real cold in about fifteen or so years. I am so, so sick. I was really rundown over the past weekend due to the continuing problems with my neighbor. And I ended up catching this thing. I'm a nyquil commercial.

Normally, I never, ever catch colds. The only reason I even got one about fifteen or so years ago was because I had moved at that time and I was severely rundown.

I put in a moving request. I can't live here anymore. My neighbor has severe schizophrenia with auditory and visual hallucinations. And he's been targeting me, stalking me. Alot of bad stuff. I fought having to move for five months. But he's been getting worse. And he's only halfway through the eviction process. He might be here another year or longer. It's become a night and day call the cops or security deal. And the stress is killing me off. The laws are horrible. He gets tons and tons of time to be free to hurt or kill anyone in the building till he's finally evicted. I can't stay. But I will make them put me in a quiet building. This time, they have to accommodate my disability and put me someplace quiet. I'm not doing this again.

But this is what happens when I'm rundown, I get uber sick. Praying this cold goes away soon. I'm dizzy, feverish, coughing my brains out. Stuffed up. It's bad. And I had my idiot healthy old family friend say to me that a cold is nothing and she works with colds. I am so incredibly ill with this, I can't stand up. For people with already compromised immune systems, a cold is not minor. This has me completely down. I'm too sick to do anything right now.


So sorry to hear this about you. Yes, when WE get sick we get very, very sick and yet the healthy people just don't get it. But WE DO. So, for what it is worth - you have my sympathy. If you can, try to take the vitamins with zinc and other pro-immune stuff in them. I spend much of the year moving from one or several viruses to yet another set of viruses and started slugging the vitamins all over again so that I could function for family issues. It seems to have worked except for the after affects of heavy physical, mental and emotional post knock-down. But those vitamins did get me through the viruses to perform.

Again, I am so sorry you feel so crummy. Only WE can understand just how rotten you feel. I ordered Imunivir from Slovenia but I think we can get the supplement from www.lef.org -- See what others think about this med/supplement first. I have not yet taken it since I want a blood draw for VIPDX and this may knock the results out.

500 mg, 60 capsules
Item Catalog Number: 00155
Still sick with this super cold. It's like swine flu junior. I kind of feel like it's sort of moving towards getting better. Now it's mostly the cough and some sinus. But that's bad enough. I pretty much cough till I puke. More than half my apartment building came down with this thing and their all puking from it. And we found out that a building near where I want to move was closed down for a month because of this. I really don't understand why it hasn't made the news. Like yet another cover up cause someone from my area had posted about it on Yahoo and they deleted it immediately. All she wanted to know was how long it lasts.

It's almost identical to swine flu except it starts out with cold symptoms and less of a fever than swine flu. In all other ways, real similiar, including that I feel it in my left lung, just like swine flu.

I don't know what it is, but it's awful. I pray every day it will go away. I've half lost my voice from the cough. Nyquil is helping me, but once it wears off, I get it back. Or if I dare eat or drink anything, hot or cold, bang, instant coughing to death. It's awful.

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