When did Doctors forget the power of observation?

Lately, I am on a kick of watching old movies, war times, revolutions... In a very sadistic way, it makes me feel like we have it so easy these days, and makes me handle my ME on a different light. Like wow they had it hard, when antibiotics didn't exist, when a virus or anything could kill you really.

But the one thing that really amazes me, how doctors used to be, they try something, observe and if it didn't work try something else. At what point they lost that? I think is such an important part of being a doctor and being on science field.

There is nothing like unbiased power of observation, When my kid was 3 years old, I wanted to take her to one of those ME/CFS government meetings to explain ME, in her head, it was like so simple. Back then, I could fool everybody but her, My husband would be like "can you keep going", or can you go and get something.

My kid would look at me, and only with one look, she said mom no, "sit you look tired", There is certain look when a person with ME crashes, the face muscles droop, eyelids, droop, you get pasty white (or Grey in my case) is like no read whatsoever on you.... For her was simple, when she wanted something crazy, like kids was unaware of things, just ask (even was tremendously hard for me) and when I on guilt would start to do it, she watched me and would say "stop" !!!!! She could look at me, feel my breathing and know, And trust me I put my best face but she has always known.

My husband after 10years now can tell also (he says the face droops and I also look very inflamed on the face). But it was amazing to me, how I never told her I had cfs (until later) I never complained or explained really, She knew what I could do or not, Just by observing.

I am damn good at my job, like uncharacteristically so, and what makes me good, is because I never assume, that the things are, as I presume them to be. Even if I am sure of a concept/ truth/ what people consider a fact, I always test the hypothesis that the concept is wrong. This is why I always see things in a way nobody else's do. Normal people test everything, when everything else's fail, they stop. They never question the premises from where they start and re-frame a new starting point.

Which makes you wonder, how cannot professional doctors see and just use their intuition and their power of observation and apply that to ME. Why can a 3 year old grasp ME and doctors think it is so hard to diagnose?

Just makes you wonder.


that is fascinating about your 3 year old. It reminds me of a book Ii read, "Beyond the dark cloud" by Thea Schlosser on how she was put in a mental asylum in 70s when she really had ME. She writes that the mentally ill patients understood she was not mentally ill but none of the doctors and nurses did.
They say that prophecy is given to the very young and the mad.

Your daughter sounds lovely.
I can relate to this sadly. I also feel less overwhelmed when I see how others have gone through worse things. It is a remedy for my Facebook induced depression.
I see so many movies, I a series Love in the time of wars on Netflix, gosh so many good movies. What genera do you like? Ussually I just google good movies shows and go by rating. Ussually they do not disappoint
I too like war movies, particularly WWII, Real life, people surviving hard times. Also medical movies and series of 19th century. Charity(sp) on Netflix was great!

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