What's in Your Vaccine

Ever wonder exactly what the ingredients of a vaccine are? Take a look here:

Many contain Formaldehyde, poisonous to live people. And check out the Thimerosal, another known poison.

And my personal favorite: Monkey Kidney Tissue! This was in the Polio vaccine. Yes, so we can all get HIV and XMRV. There is also an awful lot of Bovine/Cow extract in the vaccines.

And here is Human Serum Albumin. I got injected with this, it's in the Rabies vaccine.

And here is another interesting one: Mouse brain culture, in the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine. Just how many other vaccines did they put Mouse tissue into? XMRV.......


Carrigon-- I'm with you on the vaccine issue. They really scare me. My kids are unvaccinated. I'm going to check out the link you provided.
People think I'm crazy ... We're the canaries in the coal mine, all of us...

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